Pride of Lions

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Player Characters

Solar Exalts

  • Faultless Radiance, Zenith Caste General. Formerly known as Cathak Chego. Played by Rufuscub
  • XXX, Dawn Caste Warrior-Savant. Formerly known as Five Color Shrike. Played by Tabrumj
  • Merciful Willow Scholar,Twilight Caste Sorceress-Healer. Formerly known as Wind of Swiftness. Played by Maiannos
  • Shield of Night, Night Caste Spymaster. Formerly known as Obsidian Lance. Played by Cyphersmith
  • Gilded Coin, Eclipse Caste Scavenger Lord. Played by Burticus
  • Acacia, Zenith Caste Beast Mistress. Played by Anita.
  • Silent Falling Star, Eclipse Caste Scholar. Played by Werner.
  • Dawn of Another Day, Eclipse Caste Priestess of the Illuminated Cult. Played by Leanne
  • Imposing Onslaught of the Tempest Forge, Twilight Caste Smith. Played by Cyphersmith

Lunar Exalted

  • Unyielding Grace, Full Moon Caste Leopard-Totemed Barbarian Goddess. Played by Leanne


  • Revered Sage of the Forgotten Stone, Dragon King City Architect and Leader of Dragon Kings of Rathess. Played by Tabrumj

Storyteller Characters

  • Joyous Satin
  • Telbrin & Gold Sky
  • The Cynis Twins, Naloll and Iroa (Arc 1-4, Arc 3-3)
  • Dalban Tren, the Reincarnation of Jabax (Arc 3-4)
  • The Servants of the Mask of Winters (Arc 3-6)


The Scavenger Lands

Chronicle Resources

  • Timeline of the Chronicle
    • Arc One
    • Arc Two
    • Arc Three
  • Dreams of the First Age
  • Player Handouts
    • Arc One
      • Arc 1-4: Great Forks Laws regarding Slavery
    • Arc Two
      • Arc 2-3: Loot from the Demonologist's Library
      • Arc 2-4: A Letter from Jalitha, to Faultless Radiance
    • Arc Three
      • Arc 3-3: Books carried by the Legionnaires
      • Arc 3-4: A Letter from the Three of Great Forks, to Unyielding Grace
      • Arc 3-4: The Tale of Jabax
      • Arc 3-6: The City of Maharesh
      • Arc 3-7: A Letter from the Triumphant Monarch, to Gilded Coin
      • Arc 3-8: A Letter from Majal, to Gilded Coin