Sovereign Military and Hospitaler Order of the Crossroads

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  • An order originally founded in Liminal, the Hospitalers have since spread throughout most of the known world.
  • Their distinctive arms (a simple field of white with a red X on it) are known as the mark of healers and defenders of the weak and sick.
  • Though they are often thought of as paladins and clerics, their members are made up of all manner of folk, unified under the goals of the Order: to heal the sick and injured, to give succor to the hopeless and protection to the helpless.
  • They maintain small hospitals, called Crossroads Houses, that are places of healing and charity for those in need.
  • Their primary headquarters, Crossroads Keep, is located in the beseiged Empyros neighborhood of Liminal.
    • They also used to maintain three other Crossroads Houses in the Hellsward, the upper Warrens and the Workman's Quintan, but these have all fallen.