Liminal Cloistered Orders

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Empyrean Orders


Talion Orders

  • The Order of Saint Erithania: Associated with Makoryn. St Erithania - called Tyrantsbane by the church - is the patron and inspiration for the cloistered of this Order. Erithanites are notorious rabble-rousers, conspirators, and subversives. They believe their holy calling is the overthrow of tyrannical figures and the destruction of their rules. Erithanites tend to go about in disguise in order to avoid being noticed, but in key moments they appear in their vestments of charcoal grey, with a matching skullcap, and thick leather belts from which are hung clanking broken links of chain.
  • The Order of Saint Ilithra: Associated with Makoryn. The Order is something of an outside faction, practically a sect in its own right and for good reason: they forbid adherence to the hierarchy or tenets of any single Makorynite sect, but teach that there is a vital truth to be found in all of them. They have a reputation as wandering scholars and are generally welcome in most places where Makoryn is worshipped, even in the monasteries of the Inquisition (although not in its temples or public places).

Sectarian Orders

Faith of the Holy Throne

While there are no individual orders within the Preceptories, there are a few "holy brotherhoods of recognition and accomplishment" that transcend the Preceptories as a whole. These include the Blessed of the Holy Kiss, the best and brightest of each of the Preceptories acknowledged for individual contributions to the Faith, acknowledged in a ritual that permits them to approach the Holy Throne of Tamous and place a kiss upon the gemstone at its base which represents Piety. Others include the Brotherhood of the Sandal, or "Sandalites" for short, an honor give to those priests who venture outside of Tamous to learn of the faiths of other lands and spread the Faith of the Holy Throne to those who wish to know of it.

Finally, over the years, a variety of monastic orders have developed, always based around influential Saints of the Faith. The Ællinian Order, an order of warrior-nuns who follow the teachings of Ællina of the Blade, are the oldest of the orders, established even before their founder died. The Moscuval Order, made up of monks and nuns clad in the order's distinctive green vestments, are dedicated gardeners and wanderers in wilderness, who are skilled growers and tenders of green things, often showing up when blight threatens farming communities to help out. In contrast, many folk dread seeing the grey-clad Domani Order, who travel in groups of ten to twenty and set up camps outside of settled areas where they can take in the sick. They frequently show up to areas that are in the grips of plague, or have been recently.

The Scrivenati Order are small but influential, an order of Scepter-sponsored scriveners, illuminators, and bookbinders who copy the important texts of the realm and keep vast archives of their own. Finally, the Lantern Order was founded by the unnamed Great Pilgrim, a paladin who protected the faithful on pilgrimages from holy site to holy site in the history of Tamous, and the monks and nuns who take up the lantern swear oaths of silence and protection in his memory.