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The Lands of Liminal
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Ubiquitous and varied, humans are the most common of the races.

Myriad Humanity (Appearance)

  • Riverlings: Riverling humans are pale in color, often freckling and burning in the direct sunlight of places south of the River Kingdoms. Their hair ranges from a plain brown to lighter colors, including blonde and red. The humans of the River Kingdoms, the Almanni Theocracy and the tribes of the Frostfells are usually of this ethnicity.
  • Southron: Olive of skin, and dark of hair and eye (although they are occasionally known to have striking blue eyes), southron humans originally hail from the seaside lands south of the Ilandor Mountains. Though Tamous and the nations south of the Liminal Plains were originally settled by riverlings, the gradual introduction of southrons has ensured that about half the population of the Empire of Tamous is of southron stock.
  • Arthonath: The rarest of the human ethnicities of Rinhony, the arthonath have skin of dark hues, ranging from a dark tanned to the deep black of mahogany. Their eyes range from hues of green to gold to brown and deepest black, and their hair is thick bodied. The arthonath folk came over the seas with the sorcerer-kings of the Empire of the Nine, and the richest-blooded of House Taldiress still show this lineage most clearly.

A Life Quickly Lived (Lifespan)


Humans in Rinhony