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Neutral Good
Lesser God of Travel & Mercantilism
Also called the Lord of the Crossroads, the Traveling God, Lord Manyfaces, the Master of Thresholds and the Lord of Liminal
Cleric Domains
Knowledge, Trickery
Tenets of Aldinmure
Aldinmure is seen as a sprightly figure, thin but tall of stature and clad in rich merchant's robes. He has the face of an unbearded youth, and four arms. He holds some implement in each of his four hands, the specifics of which usually vary depending on the place where he is depicted: agricultural areas may have him bearing sickle and halter, and other implements of rural prosperity, while cities often depict him holding the implements of the crafts that bring in the most coin to that city. His statue in Liminal shows him bearing a rose, a sword, a lantern and a length of cord on which are strung coins pierced through their centers.
Aldinmure's holy symbol is an Empyrean Star crafted of copper, with a cross-quartered coin (traditionally crafted of wood, lead, steel and silver quarters) in its center. The other symbols of his faith are any crossroads, boundary markers and door frames, as well as butterflies, frogs and most other animals that undergo a transition from one form to another in the process of its life cycle. Tourmaline and opals are considered sacred to his faith, as is the metal of electrum. Merchants' marks and seals are also sacred to Aldinmure, as are coins. Aldinmure's holy power manifests as strange feelings of being out of place, silvery-gold luminance, and sudden discoveries of coin (particularly electrum pieces). The old crosscoins of Liminal - high-value traders' coins of gold, silver, electrum and platinum - are often associated with his priesthood as well.
Aldinmure is the son of Edyma and Aeldryn, and is a strange entity that is both familiar and mysterious to even his followers.
The Ancient Crossroads (Heaven)
The divine realm of Aldinmure is a massive divine city, built around the Palace of the Four, a palace built over the corners where four roads meet. These roads travel to other planes - one to the Empyrean Court, another to the Talion Court, a third to some place in the Shadowfell, and the fourth to a distant reach of the Feywild. The angelic messengers of Aldinmure fill the skies overhead, and the planar peoples of the city - both the still-living and the shining souls of those who embraced Aldinmure's philosophy of mutability, mercantilism and movement beyond limitations - fill its many markets and byways.
The Almanni Theocracy, the Crossroads Sect of Liminal, the Guildsfaith, the Creed of Mysteries

The Faithful

Worshippers of Aldinmure

Many merchants and travelers worship Aldinmure, as do those who are guardians of boundaries and borders. Those who change one thing into another - particularly alchemists and transmuters - also revere the coin-god Aldinmure, and some thieves with something of a roguish bent count themselves among his faithful as well.

Priests of Aldinmure

The ordained clergy of the Lord of the Crossroads function in one of two capacities: they are either temple-ordained, or they are itinerant-ordained. Over the course of a priest's life, he may switch back and forth between these roles as he is inspired.

  • Temple-ordained priests serve in a temple or shrine to Aldinmure, and frequently are called upon to bless transitions in the lives of the faithful, whether a rite of adulthood, a new birth, or the beginning (or completion) of a new business venture.
  • Itinerant-ordained priests are expected to travel extensively, often for a minimum of three years, though they may always find rest and sanctuary at a temple to Aldinmure (or Edyma, for that matter). They bless crossroads they come to in their travels, as well as any merchant caravans they meet along the way. In many ways, these priests are often considered the "real" priests of Aldinmure.

Clerics of Aldinmure

Clerics of Aldinmure are said to be "ordained by the crossroads," or blessed directly by the hand of Aldinmure without need for mortal ordination. Clerics of Aldinmure are frequently possessed by a strong wanderlust, and rarely settle down in any one area for long. These clerics are often called to quests that aid those who are inhibiting free commerce and open travel.

Paladins of Aldinmure

Knights-errant in the extreme, paladins of the Crossroads God frequently undertake missions to destroy forces that endanger travelers and pilgrims, not simply of Aldinmure, but of any faith. Such traveler-knights often attach themselves to groups of wanderers and travelers, protecting them from the dangers of the road.

Known Temples

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