Liminal Valdari

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The Valdari
"Naught is forbidden where fear does not dwell."
The Valdari philosophy can be summarized as follows:
• To be truly fearless, one must seek out that which one fears the most, and conquer it.
• Whatever a culture seeks to outlaw or turn into heresy is a thing of power, and should be explored.
• Each of the Valdari must discover that forbidden thing that calls to him, and seek it out, that he may master it rather than being mastered by it.
• Secret have power - become powerful by not only discovering secrets, but by keeping your own studies and goals secret as well.
• If you are mastered by your lore instead of mastering it, your fellow Valdari shall sequester or destroy you, as is needful.
Discover ancient and forbidden occult lore, explore and push the boundaries of understanding of that which is forbidden or outlawed, record and archive the secrets discovered during your studies so that they are never lost.
Typical Quests
Typical Valdari quests involve seeking into ruins for lost lore, investigating strange occurences and arcane phenomena, seeking out old texts that may push the boundaries of knowledge, carrying out occult and forbidden experiments, investigate and possibly remove other Valdari who have been corrupted by their studies.
Ranks & Renown
Ally (1-2): x
Questor (3-9): x
Valdari (10-24): x
Elder (25-49): x
Hierophant (50+): x

The Valdari are a secretive order of occultists and lore-seekers. Their name is an old word that means "the fearless," for the Valdari are unified in their exploration of topics of interest that tend to be considered forbidden by most folk: necromancy, diabolism, exploration of the Primordial powers, delving into psychic phenomena, and the like. They take as their right anything which is forbidden, seeking to explore it in order to learn the true limits of its power and clinically examine exactly how much of the study is truly dangerous, and how much is superstitious fearmongering.