River Kingdoms

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The River Kingdoms

In the northwestern portion of the continent of Rinhony lie the River Kingdoms. Thought by many to be the cradle of humanity and the shirefolk, the River Kingdoms have a long and illustrious history, including having been part of several great empires and kingdoms over the years.

Today, the myriad rivers of this land act as natural borders for a collection of small city-states, most of whom control only a small portion of the land around them, out to a distance of a day or two's ride from the city walls. Beyond that are the rich plains and wetlands of the territory, often dotted with one ruined structure or another from the heyday of some empire long forgotten.

In the western portion of these lands lie the Old Forest, a hoary ancient forest with a reputation for danger. Even the sole city within that forested demesne - Jadespires - maintains strict river-borders from the threats that lurk within its thick canopy.

Even with the relative peace of these city-states, though, they do occasionally march to war against one another. The most recent - and extreme - example of this was some twenty years ago, when the neighbors of Astrapola all marched to war against the city of astrologers. Within three months, Astrapola was a crumbling ruins, its people fled or surrendered and taken into the populace of the victorious city-states.