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The City of Grain
Human 75% • Halfling 15% • Dwarf 5% • Other 5%
The Queen of Dorvaer: Dorvaer is ruled by a queen who is elected from among the Lady Farmers of the city's agricultural nobility. When she dies, a new queen is elected at the summer solstice.
The Lady Farmers: An agricultural, matriarichal nobility, the richest female farm-owners are given voices in the governing of Dorvaeri society.
The Hearthblades of Dorvaer: The predominantly-male army who make up the defensive body of Dorvaer are almost always farmer levies who pay their taxes in service rather than crops. They are well-trained, used to wearing studded leather, halberds and short swords.
Trade: Grains, Field Crops, Orchard Crops
Training: Advanced agricultural management and field wardenship.
The Guilds: The Guilds maintain guildhalls for the following Guilds in Dorvaer: Ancient & Revered Order of Ironwrights, Attentive & Precise Guild of Woodturners and Lathesfolk, Eminent Sodality of Brewers & Vintners.
The Rural Maternal Doctrine: The two temples of Dorvaer both subscribe to the faith of the Two Mothers.
The Croftknights of Dorvaer: The Doctrine is aided and protected by a knighthood of paladins and other warriors who act to defend and uphold agricultural communities, protecting them from threats without. The Croftknights also work to defend Dorvaer itself.
City Map

The so-called Farmer Ladies of Dorvaer wield great power for a simple reason: they are the bread basket of the River Kingdoms. A kingdom ruled by a small collection of agricultural nobility, Dorvaer worships the Two Mothers (Edyma and Ulandira). The rulers of the lands are all women, as well, for its people maintain that the proper functioning of a farmstead - the man tends and protects the land, while the wife nurtures and runs the household - should apply to the running of a nation as well.


Like most of the River Kingdoms, Dorvaer uses Guildscoin.


The Sheaf Ward

  • District built around a large produce and crops market.
  • Home to a great many folk who use those raw goods to produce other goods: bakers, vintners, etc.
  • Also home to Temple to Edyma

The Hoof Ward

District built around a large livestock market.

  • Home to craftsmen who use those animal goods: leatherworkers, etc.
  • Also home to a Temple to Ulandira

Hearthkeep Ward

  • Built around Hearthkeep, the home of the Queen.
  • Upper-scale part of city, with small townhomes owned by Farmer Ladies, and the businesses that cater to the rich landowners

The Scythe Ward

  • Craftsmens and merchant's district

The Goblet Ward

  • Poor district
  • Also home to a great many of the brothels, taverns and similar "festive" locations.