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Gods of the Eternal Hells
Created by the First Gods, the Talion gods are called the Young Gods. Crafted of the wicked essences of the slain Primordials let loose into the multiverse at the end of the Dawn War, the Talion Courts' duty is first and foremost the imprisonment of the Primordials' remnant essence. Once the mortal races of the material world began to spread and propogate worship, the Empyrean gods decreed that those souls who failed in their ordained duty should be also cast into the realms of the Talion gods to be punished and purified.

  • The Gaunt: God of Death Also called "the Grey" or "the Grim," this death-god was crafted by Aldinmure in his capacity as a god of passage. Knowing that mortal souls must be transported unto the Heavens or Hells after death, to await their proper rewards, Aldinmure crafted the Gaunt from the shattered essence of the primordial Yldrin Kaath, an ephemeral horror of deathly energy that snuffed life itself. The Gaunt rules no Talion realm itself, instead constantly overseeing the passage of souls through his myriad exarchs.
  • Augdos: God of the Underworld, Greed and Riches Deathly pale and without eyes, the subterranean master Augdos' realm is a seemingly-eternal winding labyrinth in the deeps of a stony elemental plane. Here the ghosts of those who cruelly deceived others or profited from confusion or being lost are sent for punishment, to wander in the blackness eternally, hearing those around them but never able to find them. Augdos' realm imprisons Sum'korah the Eternal Darkness, the primordial from whose essence Augdos was himself crafted by Kaedlah.
  • Makoryn: God of Tyranny and Vengeance Called the King-in-Iron, Makoryn is depicted as clad in long leathern vestments set with garnets, with a scepter-mace of jagged iron. His crown and mask are a single piece of finely wrought, garnet-set iron, and only blackness looks out from the eye holes. His realm is a place of eternal clangor and splintered, sharp edges of iron. It is here that those who abused their power over others, or threw over justice in favor of vengeance are sent. Makoryn's Iron Hell imprisons the remnants of the primordial Vabrosyn, also called the Weaver of Flesh, imprisoned by eternally cutting iron. Makoryn himself was crafted of a gobbet of Vabrosyn's essence, sealed away in his raiment by Khoro.
  • Gildammar: God of Disease The Carrion-Faced Lord is carried through his swamp-like realm on the backs of lepers. He is a horror, some hideous amalgamation of many poxes and contagions, sewn into a robe of filth-stained sackcloth. His laughter is the anguished death cries of plague victims and his breath is the miasma that ends health but not life. Those who gave in to their worldly vices are brought here after death, and stricken with those diseases that best reflect their lifetime of sins. The essence of Waz Amarr, a primordial of eternal, purest water, is imprisoned here, forever stained by the poisonous nature of the place. A dollop of Waz Amarr's essence was stagnated and shaped into the form Gildammar by Xanayr.
  • The Red Lady: Goddess of War Depicted as a noble woman in breastplate and flowing garments soaked in the blood of soldiers, the Red Lady is the goddess of war and wanton bloodshed. Those who march to war are said to "court the Red Lady" and those who are victorious are "granted the Red Kiss." She is veiled and cloaked in a swathe of shining, thin chain-mail as supple as silk, and attended by the any number of twisted avatars of war-time endeavors. Her realm is a fiery, smokey place of shattered fortifications and blood-soaked, charred fields where eternal battle rages. Those who gave in to their bloodlust or used violence for its own ends are doomed to be press-ganged into the factions at war here. This realm imprisons Gascalyne the Burning, a primordial that stoked flames both literal and metaphoric where it passed. The Red Lady herself is made up of a small mote of Gascalyne's essence, bound up in blood-soaked garments and swathes of war-time chain by Khoro.
  • Varum: God of Murder The Lord of Poisons and the Maker-of-Endings, Varum is depicted as a gaunt, shadowy man, clean-shaven with the face of an adolescent but ancient, cold eyes of deep venom green. He is clad in tight black leather beneath a cloak of velvet shadow, and he has a great number of piercings on face and body. His realm is eternally twilight and deathly cold, each fogged breath a little more life leaving the body, for it imprisons Zikkurnath, a celeritous primordial whose motions are stilled in the terrible cold. The souls of those who resort to the killing of others as a passion or strategy are banished here after the death.
  • Iritsa: Goddess of Trickery and Manipulation Cloaked in sheer veils that reveal just enough of her divine form to tantalize, Iritsa is depicted with a curved blade in one hand, and a thousand-petaled blossom in the other. She is a goddess of suggestion and impulses, of bad decisions made while under the influence of one's passion rather than reason. She is also the patron goddess of those who use trickery and outright manipulation. Her realm is a dim, airy realm of cool marble stone, filled with wafting mists that intoxicate the senses and hide the lissom silhouettes of the denizens of this realm. Iritsa was crafted by the love goddess Elbitara from the primordial essence of Adnum Baratha, an entity of elemental air, illusion and treachery.
  • Admaak'Raas: God of Madness and Savagery None of the gods will take credit for the making of the Mad God. He is a bestial terror, most of his face hidden behind a mask of bone, with only burning yellow eyes peering forth. His many-fanged, roaring maw is all that is visible, and his body is a naked welter of terrible scars and disfigurements. Admaak'Raas wanders the overgrown wastelands of his divine realm, hunting all the souls banished there, with a pack of his favorite hunting devils to hand. This land imprisons the terrible primordial Ydma-Logos, the Ancient Word, a primordial who imposed order on chaos and is thought to have been the guiding hand behind the genesis of the gods themselves.

The Eternal Hells

The Eternal Hells are a place of imprisonment and torment in the Elemental Chaos.

  • The Talion Court: A shattered labyrinth of wreckage, the plane known as the Talion Court was the last battlefield of the Dawn War. Once a great city of ancient and powerful beings whose image is now lost, the Talion Court has been rebuilt over the millenia by the devils who serve the Talion Court and those planar inhabitants who have proven they have the attitude or power to dwell among the devils. Like the Empyrean Court, the Talion Court is the only means of entering any of the Hells by any entity save the god who is master of that realm.
  • The Labyrinth Benighted: Realm of Augdos
  • The Hellshards: Realm of Makoryn
  • The Plaguemarsh: Realm of Gildammar
  • The Scarlet Charfields: Realm of The Red Lady
  • The Towers of Dusk: Realm of Varum
  • The Last Seraglio: Realm of Iritsa
  • The Wildhell: Realm of Admaak'Raas