Empire of Tamous

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Empire of Tamous
Eledir City (Capital) • Ervidor
Candorall (Guild) • HælfanPeakwatchRedtooth • Sothwood • SunfieldThrandkeepXorgarten (Guild)
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What was once the Kingdom of Tamous has become styled the Empire of Tamous in the last fifty years. Though this southern nation has always had an expansionistic, militaristic streak, the Accord of Liminal and its allied military forces formed something of a buffer between Tamous and the rest of Rinhony. With the Shattering of Liminal, King Ædelann declared himself Emperor and immediately launched into the seizure of yet more territory. This act was immediately hailed as a heroic act by an embattled people - not unusual, in that the Tamousan people consider themselves to be a civilizing influence, bringing true civilization to lawless wilds or desperate frontiers.

The people of Tamous are a proud people, prickly when it comes to their sense of honor. Duels are common among the upper classes. The Tamousans are a military culture - their nobility are all fighting nobility, and the best warriors of the society are not limited in how high they can rise in society due to the knightly orders. Any man or woman with skill at arms can find their way into one of the knightly orders, who frequently mingle among the nobles.

Indeed, outside of the noble Houses themselves, the knightly orders are probably the single largest source of spouses and lovers for the nobility. A skilled warrior can readily find his way into a squireship, then a knighthood and then marriage into a powerful noble family in under a decade. In this way, the culture of Tamous ensures that its finest warriors remain its most active leaders.

Given the nearness of Tamous to what is perhaps the single largest cluster of ruins on the continent - the Thundering Range with all of its dwarven ruins - it is no surprise that adventurers are quite welcome among its folk. While those whose lives are solely dedicated to combing ruins and battling monsters are looked on with some curiosity, adventuring into the ruins of the Thundering Range, exploring the monster-haunted valleys of the Ilandor Mountains to the south or (most recently) venturing north into the Field of Incursion around Liminal are all considered worthy undertakings for knights and bored nobles.

There is only trouble when groups of adventurers grow too much in power without becoming part of the established order of things: when they refuse to purchase an adventuring company's charter from the crown, join the knightly orders or marry into the nobility. Such individuals are seen as dangerous iconoclasts.


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