House Ylrannin

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The ruling House of Tamous is House Ylrannin, a lineage of nobles that have ruled Tamous for a dynasty of just over three hundred years, displacing the old Gwiseth Dynasty of nearly five hundred years previous. The insignia of House Ylrannin is a two-headed hawk, their heads facing in opposite directions, in red on a field of black.

The current master of the House - and thus ruler of Tamous - is Ædelann Ylrannin. Inheriting his title from his father Ædomyr twenty-five years ago, Ædelann is every inch the military expansionist his father was in his heydey, only without the pacifying influence of Liminal's Accord to help rein him in. As a result, Tamous has seen unprecedented expansion in recent years, most notably extending deep into the Delannwood, laying claim to much of the territory the elves of the forest ceded to the shifter tribes. Though the shifters fought fiercely, they are all but extinct in this day and age.

Ædelann is in his fifties, born just before the Shattering. He is currently a widower, having lost his wife the Empress Xanisara three years ago. He has five children: his heir Ævaris (32), and four other children: Walvær (28), his second son; Benæra (24), his eldest daughter; Vænnia (21), his youngest daughter; and his youngest son Porædis (17). He also has a number of outlying cousins, as well, some two dozen in number, but most of them are actually further from the throne than some of the other House nobility.

Though once House Ylrannin held an estate called Hawkhold in the Noble Quintain of Liminal, they lost everyone and everything in it with the Shattering.