Liminal Knightly Orders

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Ecclesial Orders

Empyrean Knighthoods

  • The Seraldanai: Affiliated with the Aevonian Church of Angelic Revelation (Aevo). The foremost order of knights and paladins among the Angelic Revelants, the Seraldanai are mostly humans and aasimar. They take vows of poverty and chastity, dedicating the whole of their lives to the service of the Church as a whole, acting as bodyguards to its important non-angelic members and defenders of its temples and holy places.
  • Knights of Saint Lyraclea: Affiliated with the Lyraclesean Orthodoxy (Edyma). An order of knights dedicated to the defense of the Lyraclesean Orthodoxy's churches and cloisters, as well as the fight against slavery. Rumors claim they are investigating the burgeoning issue of slavery in the Empire of Tamous.
  • The Order of the Spellstorm: Affiliated with Aeldryn. A dwindling order of Aeldrynite paladins and eldritch knights, Spellstorm knights can often be found defending temples to Aeldryn, libraries, and other places of magical relevance. While they used to travel among the peasantfolk, searching for those with the wit or talent to wield magic, they have had to forego such endeavors in post-Shattering Rinhony, for the most part. Still, they are taught how to test for that talent, and many boys or girls who dream of wielding magic know to see one of the Spellstorm knights if they suspect (or know) they have that ability and wish to cultivate it.

Talion Knighthoods

  • Brotherhood of the Scepter: Affiliated with the Makorynite Orthodoxy of Liminal (Makoryn). An order of knights known for their brutal fighting style with maces and their ability to invoke terrible pain in their foes.

Sectarian Knighthoods

  • Champions of the Vaults: Affiliated with the Guildsfaith. Originally an order of dwarven warriors dedicated to the defense of dwarven Vaults - hidden sanctuaries where dwarven populations might retreat to in times of threat to their homes - the Champions have become the elite (and no longer exclusively dwarven) guardians of Guild interests. They often serve as bodyguards for Councilors, maintain patrols of the Stoneway to keep them safe and are the first line of defense for Gorum Midrath.
  • The Order of the Holy Mystery: Affiliated with the Creed of Mysteries. An order of eldritch knights, paladins, and similar folk dedicated to the protection of magicians and magic. A revitalized order in post-Shattering Rinhony, considering the danger to many magicians. Many churches of Aeldryn and Kaedlah also lend aid to the Mystery Knights, even if they aren't affiliated with the Creed.

Civic Orders

Empire of Tamous

The Knightly Orders of Tamous are over a dozen or so in number. Despite this, all of them share a similar structure and role in Tamousan society, acting as the nation's military arm in support of both the Empire and the Faith of the Holy Throne.

  • Knights of the Holy Throne: The foremost knights in Tamous, the Knights of the Holy Throne are inducted into the direct service of the emperor from illuminated careers in other orders.
  • Griffin Knights of Eledir: The griffin-riding defenders of the Imperial City of Eledir.
  • Order of the Shattered Peak: The knights who patrol the southern mountainous borders of Tamous, protecting it from the dangers of Ilandor Mountains.
  • Knights of the Blood Wood: Center of the Tamousan push into the east and front-line combatants against the shifters and elves of the Delannwood.
  • The Sworn of Saint Audæris: Sworn defenders and bodyguards of the Emperor of Tamous and the Imperial Family.
  • Hunter-Knights of Saint Walismar: Originally demon-hunters and rooters out of heresy, the Walismaran knights have found a new purpose in the years after the Shattering: the corralling, sale and even breeding of tiefling slaves for the wealthy of Tamous.
  • The Hammer-Knights of Ervidor: Founded by a knight raised by dwarves centuries ago, the Hammer-Knights defend the Dwarfgate Mountains and occasionally undertake quests into the Thundering Peaks.

River Kingdoms

  • Croftknights of Dorvaer: Affiliated with Dorvaer and the Rural Maternal Doctrine. An order of knights sworn to defend the city-state of Dorvaer, the Croftknights often travel in twos and threes around the major agricultural centers of the River Kingdoms and the edges of the Liminal Plains, aiding farmers and other agricultural folk as they are permitted.
  • Knights of the Sword Tower: Affiliated with Ryun Math. An order of knights dedicated to the defense of Ryun Math and the monarch who wears the Sword Crown. They are well-known for their military acumen, as every Sword Tower knight is trained to lead troops in addition to being trained as warriors themselves.

Other Lands

  • Order of Iron and Bone: Affiliated with the city of Sudmunar and the Sudmunari Sect (Makoryn). A gathering of knights and paladins sworn to defend the city of Sudmunar and the person of the High Watcher.

Other Orders

  • Knights of the Starry Blade: Formerly affiliated with Astrapola; now independent. Once the defenders of the astrologer-magocracy Astrapola, the Knights of the Starry Blade wield arcane magic and armaments alike. Many of them yet defend astrologers or their relics, while others have simply taken to wandering. Many of them keep communities of refugee Astrapolans connected, although there aren't many left who still hold that identity.