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Knight of the Starry Blade

Once, the knights of the Starry Blade wielded steel and star-spell in defense of mighty Astrapola, the City of Stars. They were slain by the hundreds when that city fell, but many of them escaped, helping the city's people or its astrologer leaders escape the destruction of the city.

Now, the knights are a brotherhood broken. Though they still train one another, they have formed more of a secret society than a knightly order, aiding astrologers and the folk from lost Astrapola, defending them where necessary. Knights of the Starry Blade often guard some precious relic or tome from the Wisdoms of Astrapola, sworn to keep it from enemy hands until such time as the Twelve Towers can be rebuilt, and Astrapola returned to its days of glory.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, Athletics
  • Tool Proficiencies: Astrologer's tools.
  • Languages: One of your choice.
  • Equipment: A set of traveler's clothes, astrologer's tools secreted among other belongings, a journal, and a purse containing 15gp.

Feature: Child of the Stars

Folk remember the Starry Blade, and the valiant knights of Astrapola. When you need shelter, food, or to be smuggled out of (or into) town, you can go to a place in any settlement, giving the secret signs that those trained in astrology or who were once from Astrapola know so well, signalling to them your need and identity. If there are any who are there, they will lend that aid. The larger the settlement, the more likely you are to find someone. This search takes 1 hour in a village, 1d3 in a town, or 1d6 in a city.

New Equipment

  • Astrologer's Tools: This kit consists of an ephemeris, measuring tools, charts and the means to measure and track the movement of the stars in the sky. Proficiency with this kit lets you add your proficiency bonus to the creation of horoscopes and natal charts.
  • Natal Chart: A chart that displays the placement of an individual's star in the heavens at the moment of their birth. Creating a natal chart requires information on the place and time of the individual's birth. A natal chart is necessary in the casting of a horoscope. It takes an hour to create a natal chart, using astrologer's tools.
  • Horoscope: A chart that displays the movement and position of the individual's star through the vaults of heaven at the time of its creation, anyone trained in Arcana who possesses a horoscope on someone gains advantage on Insight checks against that person for the duration of the horoscope's accuracy. Creation of a person's horoscope requires the possession of that person's natal chart. When a horoscope is cast, the astrologer's check using astrology tools determines how long the horoscope is good for: One week (DC 10), one month (DC 15), or one year (DC 20).
d8 Personality Trait
1 I feign drunkenness and laziness, hiding my nobility behind a mask of ignominy.
2 I try to slyly gain the details of others' birth places and times, in order to compile a secret collection of natal charts on friends and foes alike.
3 I create strong bonds with magi, seeking to protect them as we could not protect Astrapola.
4 I frequently find myself whistling, humming, or singing some of the nursery rhymes and lullabies from old Astrapola.
5 I collect old tokens and trinkets from Astrapola's past - not just astrological goods, but dishes, jewelry and other reminders.
6 Having grown up in exile or keeping who I am secret, I respect the common folk, and have no love for nobility or the military.
7 I always wear the symbol of my patron Starry Wisdom somewhere on my person, whether as a piece of jewelry, tooled into my pouch, or etched into my gauntlet.
8 I am confident in my abilities, and seek to instill that same confidence in others.
d6 Ideal d6 Bond d6 Flaw
1 Community. Astrologers and the citizens of old Astrapola are my first priority. (Lawful) 1 I will fight to defend those who read the stars, and the lost folk of Astrapola, to my dying breath. 1 I have nothing but disdain and resentment for those who worship the gods.
2 Greater Good. I will use my knowledge and strength to aid everyone who has need of it, particularly against the prejudices and ignorance of those who fear magic. (Good) 2 I am the guardian of some Astrapolan treasure, and protect it well. 2 I am frequently distrustful of people, unless they are astrologers or Astrapolans.
3 Knowledge. The lore of the stars is of the utmost importance, and must be preserved for future generations. (Neutral) 3 My astrological notes are very dear to me. 3 I do not tolerate the inhibition of my freedom - once, but never again. The stars move as they will, and so do I.
4 Freedom. I will fight against those who would tell others what they may and may not study or know. (Chaotic) 4 My mentor and other knights of the Starry Blade are my brethren; it is us against the world. 4 I constantly hint that I have more knowledge of what is going on than I actually do.
5 Greed. So much was lost in Astrapola's fall. I will recover as much of it as I can for myself. (Evil) 5 The enemies of Astrapola are my enemies, and they will pay for what they have done. 5 I am ashamed of my order's failures, and do not readily admit to being a Starry Blade.
6 Nation. I will see Astrapola rebuilt and repeopled, or die trying. 6 I look to the Starry Wisdoms for guidance and perspective. 6 I hold those who do not understand my arts in contempt, secretly or openly.