Lyraclesean Orthodoxy

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Perhaps the oldest expression of Edyman faith, the Lyraclesean Orthodoxy is believed to have been founded by the great Edyman saint Saint Lyraclea. Before her, worship of Edyma was disorganized, a faith of mere peasants and given no respect in the greater society. Saint Lyraclea ended slavery of Edyma's faithful in the lands now known as the Empire of the Nine through a series of devastating agricultural plagues that left the faithful untouched. The Orthodoxy is strongest in the northeastern part of Rinhony to this day.

  • Knights of Saint Lyraclea: An order of knights dedicated to the defense of the Lyraclesean Orthodoxy's churches and cloisters, as well as the fight against slavery. Rumors claim they are investigating the burgeoning issue of slavery in the Empire of Tamous.