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A relatively minor sect of practice within the faith of Makoryn, the Sudmunari Sect is based out of Sudmunar, one of the Holandi Cit-States in the southern reaches of Rinhony. The tradition is only about sixty years old, making it one of the youngest of the Makorynite sects, but it is a vibrant and growing one. The Orthodoxy of Liminal has expressed concern over the Sudmunari theology, but has not yet spoken out against the growing sect.


The Sudmunari teach that only the faithful of Makoryn can truly discern tyranny. They spring from the Liminal Orthodoxy, so they do hold tyranny to be sinful. Rather than seeking it out and destroying it, as the Liminal Orthodoxy would have, the Sudmunari maintain that the surest method of destroying those who would wield undue power over others is to themselves seize up the reins of power and use them righteously. The Sudmunari preach a theology of acquisition and conquer, a philosophy the sect put into practice sixty years ago in the Holandi city-state of Sudmunar.

Rituals & Observances

The Sudmunari hold to most of the rituals of the Orthodox sect. Their Prostrative Assembly is a five-day long festival, however, and always begins with the High Watcher making a pilgrimage from a shrine outside the city where the first High Watcher first received her vision that led her to raise a holy crusade that led to the seizure of Sudmunar's throne by the Makorynite church.

In addition to the rites of the Orthodoxy, the Sudmunari also celebrate the Feast of the Liberation, recognizing the day the High Watcher's army achieved victory over the old line of Sudmunari kings.


The head of the sect is called the High Watcher, and he currently serves as priest-king of the Sudmunar city-state. While he pays ritual and liturgical fealty to the Iron Hierophant in Liminal, everyone in the faith is aware that it is a technical obeisance at best.

The High Watcher maintains a small council called the Chained Ones, high priests of the faith who tend to various needs of the sect. At current, there are two Chained Ones, one in charge of running the Makorynite temples under the Sudmunari banner, and the other whose responsibility is visiting other Makorynite temples near Sudmunar and convincing them to turn to the sect's practices. Other than this, the Sudmunari hold to the Liminal Orthodoxy's rankings; indeed, technically the Chained Ones hold the rank of Atera in the Orthodoxy, and the High Watcher is part of the Iron Collegium.


The Sudmunari maintain a single knightly order associated with their sect, the Order of Iron and Bone, a gathering of knights and paladins sworn to defend the city of Sudmunar and the person of the High Watcher. They also foster the Order of Saint Erithania originally, though that cloistered order's reach has extended beyond the reaches of the Sudmunari sect.