South of Ilandor

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The Warring Isles

The islands of Delvion, Aumas and Litora have been embroiled in wars after wars, going back literal centuries. Most outsiders tend to avoid these islands, for fear of being swept up in the generational, institutionalized warfare.


An old kingdom, Delvion has long been at war with their neighboring nation of Litora over the lands of Aumas. Delvion has a large navy, and a long-established military tradition.


The Aumasi are a fiercely independent people. Though both Delvion and Litora lay claim to ownership over these hilly lands, the people of Aumas want nothing with either of them. The Aumasi are divided into clans along familial lines, and the clan-heads are fractious and prone to feuding. The spiritual guides of the clan-heads are known as the "wisdoms," magicians in touch with the Primal Powers of the hinterlands


A large seafaring nation, Litora has long been at war with Delvion over the lands of Aumas. The Litorans are ruled by a parliament of noble houses, and have a reputation as pirates and demonologists.

Holandi City-States

A collection of city-states united by a peaceful gathering of leaders who formed the Holandi Compact. A bastion of the Merchant Guilds in the Southerlands.


A city-state ruled by a theocratic priest-king of Makoryn.

Iodan Islands

Small fishing villages, with one or two larger towns, the Iodan Islands were once a nearly unpopulated island chain of fishermen who could only flee when signs of Raedmar raiding ships appeared on the horizon. Two hundred years ago, however, a number of boats appeared on the western horizon - dragonborn ships from out of Iokha. These refugees fled some political fall-out or another (the exact details of which they keep very private), but in the time since, about half the populace of the Iodan Islands are dragonborn.

Ydalrin Peninsula

A forested peninsula, Ydalrin is home to at least two small nations of elves, and there is at least one elven Fey-city known to appear in its northern borders, where the forests meet the misty peaks of the southern Ilandors.


After generations of raiding from the orcs of Rademar, the lands south of the Ilandor Mountains knew a large population of half-orcs. Since these peoples were often somewhat outcasts, they tended to band together. Nearly a hundred years ago, Agrannmar, a great half-orc prophet rose, foretelling the rise of a great half-orc nation. He traveled through the Southerlands, drawing a large body of half-orc followers as he traveled east, finally settling in the lands northwest of Raedmar, lands often thought too close to the orcish empire to risk raiding. The prophet and his powerful followers built and defended their lands, giving birth to a great half-orcish nation named after its founder.


A distant and savage land, Raedmar is thought to be home to a great goblin nation, a massive empire of orcs, goblins, hobgoblins and their ilk. Though they often raid in the kingdoms south of the Ilandor Mountains, most of Rinhony rarely sees any sort of interaction from these tribes.