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Chaotic Neutral
Greater Goddess of the Land, Animals, Brewing
Also called Lady of the Lands, Mother of the Wilds and First Provider
Cleric Domains
Life, Nature
Tenets of Ulandira
Ulandira is depicted as strong and tough, a woman capable of surviving anything. She is shown as a woman of middling years old enough to own her wild beauty, but also old enough to have borne children. She is sometimes depicted as having a swaddled babe strapped to her back, a hatchet in one hand, and a lantern in the other. She is frequently depicted with weapons and hunting gear, hounds, hinds, and hawks as well.
The holy symbol of Ulandira is the Empyrean Star crafted of copper, with a pawprint in its center. The symbols used by her faith are antlers and stone cairns, tree stumps and hawk feathers, as well as the lantern, and stones such as bloodstone and agates. Ulandira's favor in her champions manifests as the smell of the deep woods, and a sudden sense of being hunted by something just out of sight.
Brought into being shortly after Aevo, Ulandira was created by the Primordials at the same time as her sister, Edyma. It is said that when created, the two were actually one, whom theologists call the Divine Mother, but canny Aevo tricked the Primoridals into giving them so many divine gifts that they were forced to split into two goddesses to bear them all.
Darkenwold (Heaven)
The Eternal Huntress' realm is a place of wild splendor, beauty outside of the making of mens' hands. The animals here are strong, and provide a good hunt for those wilderness-loving souls who claim the Darkenwold as their afterlife paradise. At the edges of Darkenwold, the lands become more cultivated, until finally arriving in Brightvale, the dominion of Ulandira's sister-goddess, Edyma.
The Almanni Theocracy, the Rural Maternal Doctrine, the Hunter's Faith

The Faithful

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