Starry Wisdoms

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Wisdoms of Destiny

The Wisdoms of Destiny deal with situations involving momentous and important outcomes whose resolution transcends good or ill, but often encompasses both. They are the impartial progress of events always pushing forward.

  • Listener of Winds: Sign of Autumn, Whispers, Gossip, Communication. X
  • Effulgence of Illumination: Sign of Summer, Light, Strength. X
  • Flower of Humility: Sign of Spring, Love, Beginnings. X
  • Light of Winter: Sign of Winter, Endings, Death. X

Wisdoms of Fate

The Wisdoms of Fate are often associated with ill-luck, but in truth are about just desserts and the reasons why "bad luck" happens to people.

  • Intellect of the Vault: Sign of Madness and Sanity, Knowledge, Secrets. X
  • Imperious Gatherer: Sign of Arrogance and Greed, Plots Gone Awry. X
  • Death of Wisdom: Sign of Mistakes and Miscalculations, Desperation and Impulsiveness. X
  • Senescence of the Void: Sign of Ignorance and Obliviousness, Aging and Weakness. X

Wisdoms of Fortune

The Wisdoms of Fortune have a reputation with good luck, but in reality embody those traits that are possessed by most folk who enjoy "good luck."

  • Pearl Savant: Sign of Skill and Ability, Grace and Charisma. X
  • Raucous Benediction: Sign of Cooperation and Community, Celebration. X
  • Crown of Joy: Sign of Optimism, Bravery and Nobility. X
  • Sage of Fools: Sign of Creativity and Innovation. X