Aasimar of Liminal

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The Lands of Liminal
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In the last generation, more and more folk have come into the world with the blood of angels to them. Some believe they are the children of the humans who fled into the Empyros district of Liminal and have dwelt among the angels and other celestial beings there.

There is also some measure of suggestion that aasimar may be the result of interbreeding between the now-lost devas of Liminal and other mortal races. Exactly how this has happened is unclear, as devas were not known to be fertile with anyone in ages past.

Like many of the so-called "Mingled," aasimar do not have their own cultures, being so often born to other folk.

Of Celestial Mien (Appearance)

Aasimar are supernaturally beautiful to a last one, imbued with a celestial glory to their bodies and faces that is stare-drawing in even the plainest of them, and almost stunning in their most beauteous. Aasimar tend to have skin of a golden or bronze hue, and bodies that are athletic and toned. Their hair is often

The Long Years (Lifespan)

As far as anyone can ascertain, aasimar age quite slowly, with lifespans seemingly on par with that of wood elves, some three to four hundred years in total, though they mature at the same rate as humans, being full adults by the age of twenty or so.

Aasimar in Rinhony

  • Almanni Theocracy: Aasimars have found a strident welcome in the new theocratic government of Almanni in recent years. The Theocracy welcomes them as blessed offspring of the gods, although they must take up oaths to serve the Theocracy and its theology, and in many cases serve the Theocracy as direct agents (not surprising, considering the image of deific approval that having an organization of angel-blooded grants the Theocracy).
  • Empire of Tamous: The Faith of the Holy Throne has declared the existence of aasimar to be impossible: they maintain that the true servants of the gods would never commingle with mortals, and so any who claim to be so are deluded liars at best, or the spawn and agents of fallen angels at worst. Aasimars tend to be ignored for the most part, however, as long as they do not go out of their way to call attention to their heritage.
  • Empire of the Nine: As celestial-blooded, aasimar are forbidden to set foot in the Empire of the Nine, which rejects the gods and all their works. Aasimar are turned away at the border, and those found within the empire itself are interviewed by the local magi, and then immediately sent away, often with a small patrol of dragonborn to see them past the borders of the empire.
  • Liminal Plains: Though the plains once knew a greater population of aasaimar than any other place, that changed with the Shattering of Liminal. Despite this, some aasimar continue to take up among the small settlements around the Incursion. Small groups of aasimar occasionally make it out of the ruins of Liminal proper, as well, refugees from embattled Empyros who have fled (often at great cost to the lives of those attempting the flight).
  • River Kingdoms: The River Kingdoms see the occasional influx of aasimar from the Liminal Plains. Notably among them, however, is Lady's Rest, the small city-state that has been host to a small population of aasimar for a great many years.