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Empyros is imbricate to the Great Heavens, a pocket realm with connections to all the domains of the gods of the Empyrean Court. Empyros is the temple district, and is home to a number of rich estates.

Gates & Other Landmarks


  • Divine Mercy Orphanage (EX): An orphanage sponsored by all of the temples of Empyros, the Divine Mercy is a large establishment, with several halls for children of the same age. Here, they are fed, clothed, educated and cared for by members of the churches, employees and pious volunteers who seek to do some good for the children. Piety and devotion to the Empyrean gods is taught first and foremost here.


  • The Divine Armory (EX): Guildhall for the Martial and Industrial Order of Armswrights.
Empyros Dwellings

Only the very richest can afford to actually live in the temple-quarter of Empyros. Most of those who dwell here simply rent, as most of the properties are owned by the various temples of the district.

  • Manor: 80,000 gp
  • Palace: 340,000 gp
  • Quarters: 2000 gp
  • Stone Building: 6000 gp
  • Tower: 30,000 gp
  • Wood Building: 3000 gp

Government & Nobility


Taverns & Inns


Mages & the Arcane


Temples & Monasteries

  • The Palace of the Blessed Skies (EX): Temple to Aevo.
  • The First Hearth (EX): Temple to Edyma.
  • The Walled Garden of Warilan (EX): Temple to Ulandira.
  • The Pillars of Sorcery (EX): Temple to Aeldryn.
  • The House of Tides (EX): Temple to Ildinmara.
  • The End of All Roads (EX): Temple to Aldinmure.
  • The Kaedlahaeum (EX): Temple to Kaedlah.
  • The House of the Sun (EX): Temple to Khoro.
  • The House of the Moon (EX): Temple to Xanayr.
  • The Perfumed Sanctuary (EX): Temple to Elbitara.

Military & Mercenaries


The Crossroads City
Imbricate Cities