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Accord is divided into three areas: the Island, which is the center of government and carefully guarded; the Inner Circle, that circle of area that abuts the lake; and the Outer Circle, those buildings up against the wall that surrounds Accord.

Towers of the Accord

Located on a central, lake-surrounded island, the Towers are the seat of the Accord of Worlds.

  • The Wretched Citadel (A1): The largest structure in Liminal, the Citadel is said to be at least twenty stories in height, and larger on the inside than it is on the outside. Unfortunately, it is also a place awash with dangerous planar energies. It has been sealed off by the Keepers of Accord, who have warded its outer courtyards and locked its doors. Occasionally strange lights can be seen coming from it at night, and odd sounds come from it occasionally, day or night. The Citadel Guard, an elite order of city watch, are positioned at all points of egress, to warn away those who would enter it. Despite this, adventuring companies occasionally invade the place, seeking treasure or to solve the strange mysteries of the vast spire.
  • Chambers of the Accord (A2): The center of this tower is a massive, single space, with vast arched ceilings. In this space, the Accord of Worlds meets and debates the needs of Liminal and its unique and delicate political existence. There are a handful of offices and archives given over to the various assistants, secretaries and scriveners employed by the Accord and its Councilors, but for the most part, this entire tower is made up of the open spaces of the Accord Chambers.
  • Councilor Chamber-Halls (A3): This tower houses the various living quarters of the Councilors who sit on the Accord. Though many of the Councilors maintain estates or apartments outside of the Chamber-Halls proper, each Councilor is given half of an entire level from which to maintain a household, including servants, staff, library and office space and personal suites. The bottom floor is an impressive area that is considered communal space for the Councilors as a whole, including a lounge and massive ballroom where various Councilors frequently throw celebrations for one another, and select city officials.
  • Tower of the Keepers (A4): Headquarters to the Keepers of Accord, the order of magicians who maintain the Walls of Liminal.
  • The Bastion (A5): The center of defense for the Towers of the Accord, the Bastion is the ceremonial headquarters of the Watch. The Lord of the Watch maintains quarters in the Bastion, and the military forces necessary to protect the Towers are maintained here as well. Though there are no drilling grounds, the Bastion is also home to the Shieldvaults, the massive armory of the Liminal Watch.
  • The Preeminentary (A6): An ambassadorial structure, Liminal's own diplomatic efforts are coordinated out of the Preeminentary. Additionally, lavish accommodations are scattered throughout the structure, many of them consisting of many room suites, all ready to be doled out to visiting dignitaries and nobility from the surrounding lands or imbricate planes as is needful.

Gates & Other Landmarks

  • The Laurelgate (G4): Gate into the Noble Quintan.
  • The Lanterngate (G5): Gate into the Fest Quintan.
  • The Tallygate (G6): Gate into the Market Quintan.
  • The Yokegate (G7): Gate into the Workman's Quintan.
  • The Wheelgate (G8): Gate into the Traveler's Quintan.
  • The Great Arena (A23): The city of Liminal is known for many things, but of them all, the spectacle of its gladitorial arena is what many people from even far-away lands know it for. A massive circular building, it attracts huge audiences at every display it stages.


  • The House of the Glyph (A7): The headquarters for the Most Sagacious Tomewright's Guild in Liminal. Houses a large open office of under-scribes and bookbinders who do work for the various clerks and bureaucrats of the Accord. It is surrounded by a Guild-block of other scribes, bookbinders, document preparers and paper-makers.
  • The Tailory of Liminal (A8): A large and successful tailor's business that provides nothing but Watch uniforms and the various robes of office for the various officials in the Accord.
  • Aedmir, Glazier (A9): A glass-blower who specializes in table-top lamps and magnifying lenses, both hand-held and spectacles.
  • Ilraeda's Find Confections (A10): The most successful of the candy-makers in Liminal, Ilraeda specializes in expensive gift boxes practically traded as currency among the bureaucrats of the Accord.
  • The Mercantilist's Guildhall (A24): The headquarters for the Prosperous Mercantilist's Guild is set in Accord, providing fine access to the best scribes, accountants and similarly business-minded folk the Guild has to offer the Accord bureaucracies.

Government & Nobility

  • The Magistracy (A11): The city of Liminal's magistrate courts.

Taverns & Inns

  • Laretta's Alehouse (A12): Somewhat lower-class, Laretta's nonetheless provides fine food and drink, and a ribald atmosphere.
  • The Saddle & Sylph (Tavern) (A13): An upper-class drinking establishment, the Saddle & Sylph provides ample space divided by screens and woven with quiet string music to provide plenty of room for those meeting officials or planning back-room deals of some sort.
  • The Harlot's Favor (Festhall) (A14): A notorious festhall in Accord, the Harlot's Favor caters to the learned gentlemen and women who tend to work the late evenings in the Accord and end up stuck there for the night, providing them entertainment, companionship and a restful night.
  • The Islanders Club (Inn) (A15): Ostensibly an inn, the Islanders Club is only open to those with memberships, which must be acquired through the sponsorship of someone who is already a member. It is extremely posh, with impressive suites, the finest of foods and similar amenities for those important personages who find themselves wishing to spend the night in Accord.
  • The Brace of Pheasants (Tavern) (A16): A fine eating establishment, the Brace also employs a stable of couriers who make their way around the various buildings of the Accord, taking orders to be delivered at mid-day.

Mages & the Arcane

  • The Phoenix Tower (A17): The academy and public face of the Keepers of Accord, where lesser mages of the Order and students who have no business in the Tower of Keepers proper tend to the business of the Order.
  • The Order of the Rose (A18): An order of magicians who specialize in cross-planar transportation and magic.

Temples & Monasteries

  • Sanctuary of Worlds (A19): The monks of the Sanctuary are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the Planar Walls of Liminal, working closely with the Keepers to do so. They frequently take the Guardian or Primal Warden themes. Many of the Sanctuary's monks are also popular combatants in the Great Arena, taking the Gladiator theme.
  • Temple of the Crossroads (A20): A great temple to Aldinmure in his aspect as God of Liminal.

Military & Mercenaries

  • The Hall of Shields (A21): The command hall for the Watch, where the majority of the day-to-day business of the Watch is undertaken.
  • The White Gryphon Club (A22): A social club for adventurers.
The Crossroads City
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