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Crossroads of the Planes

Who's Who in Liminal

Masters of the City

  • The Accord of Worlds: The governing council of Liminal.
  • The Great Houses of Liminal: Seven major noble families, some of whom sit on the Accord of Worlds.
  • The Guilds: An organization made up of unified mercantile and craft guilds; extremely influential.
  • The Keepers of Accord: Arcane order who work directly for the Accord and Liminal.

Temples of Liminal

Empyros Temples

  • The Palace of the Blessed Skies: Temple to Aevo.
  • The First Hearth: Temple to Edyma.
  • The Walled Garden of Warilan: Temple to Ulandira.
  • The Pillars of Sorcery: Temple to Aeldryn.
  • The House of Tides: Temple to Ildinmara.
  • The End of All Roads: Temple to Aldinmure.
  • The Kaedlahaeum: Temple to Kaedlah.
  • The House of the Sun: Temple to Khoro.
  • The House of the Moon: Temple to Xanayr.
  • The Perfumed Sanctuary: Temple to Elbitara.

Hellsward Temples

  • The Black Labyrinth: Temple to Augdos.
  • The Iron Gaol: Temple to Makoryn.
  • The Festering Hall: Temple to Gildammar.
  • The Palace of the Bloodied Sword: Temple to The Red Lady.
  • The Temple of Sweet Respite: Temple to Varum.
  • The Pillow-House of Nara: Temple to Iritsa.

Monasteries of Liminal

Wizard Orders of Liminal

  • The Keepers of Accord: An order of powerful magicians in service to the city of Liminal, maintaining the integrity of the Walls and providing arcane defense to the city.
  • The Most Numinous Spellwright's Guild: The arcane members of the Merchant Guilds, who focus on providing magical services to clients.
  • The Order of the Rose: Accord-based order that specialize in planar magics.
  • The House of a Thousand Veils: Fest Quintan-based order of illusionists.

Arcane Academies of Liminal

  • The Phoenix Tower: Accord-based mage academy run by the Keepers of the Accord.
  • Arderin, the Alabaster Spire: Greensward eladrin-run arcane school focusing on fey magics.
  • The Fallen House: Blackstreets school of necromancy and nethermancy.
  • The Three Towers: Elemental-focused school of magic run out of the central towers in the Coalman's District.
  • The Spellwright's Guildhall: Merchant Guilds-sponsored mage's academy based out of Rivermouth.

Merchant Guilds Halls

  • Ancient & Revered Order of Ironwrights: Anvil Keep, Coalman's District (XX)
  • Sacred Stonewright's Guild: Dolanmere Hall, Rivermouth (XX)
  • Prosperous Mercantilist's Guild: The Mercantilist Guildhall, Accord (A23)
  • Martial & Industrious Order of Armswrights: The Divine Armory, Empyros (XX)
  • Most Numinous Spellwright's Guild: The Spellwright's Guildhall, Rivermouth (XX)
  • Worthy & Diligent Guild of Missivefolk: The First Way-Stable, Travelers Quintan (T9)
  • Steady & Sinewed Guild of Teamsters: The Yokeman's Rest (Tavern), Workman's Quintan (W24)
  • Most Nurturing Guild of Clothiers: The Foremost Wardrobery, Market Quintan (M4)
  • Attentive & Precise Guild of Woodturners and Lathesfolk: The Grand Lathe Hall, Market Quintan (M6)
  • Most Sagacious Tomewright's Guild: The House of the Glyph, Accord (A7)
  • Eminent Sodality of Brewers & Vintners: The Pluck'd Vine, Fest Quintan (F15)
  • Great and Proud Guild of Gemwrights and Jewelers: The Diamond Eye, Noble Quintan (N9)

Military Orders

  • The Liminal Watch: The keepers of order and providers of defense to the city of Liminal. The Watch maintains sole law enforcement power in the quintans and Accord, and shares power with other law-keeping forces in the imbricate districts.
  • The Sovereign Military and Hospitaler Order of the Crossroads: Order of military healers and philanthropists dedicated to healing the sick and protecting the weak. Based out of Empyros.
  • The Gruenmar Levy: A military order dedicated to fortifying the ruins of Gruenmar in the Abyss, in order to prevent Abyssal incursion into Liminal.

Foreign Dignitaries

  • The Sidhe Lords of Liminal: Representatives of the Summer and Gloaming Courts of the Feywild.
  • The Ministry of Black Iron: A shadar-kai bureaucracy, representing the Raven Queen of Gauntpeak.
  • The Eminent Office of the Medal: The royal ambassadors of the githyanki queen Eternal Xana.
  • The Triune Dignitaries: Genasi representatives of the efreet lords of Brazenvale.

Local Laws & Customs

  • The Walls of Liminal: It is against the law to mark, deface or in any way damage the Walls of Liminal. Those who do not obey this law are sentenced to the stocks in the Traveler's Quintan, to spend a day and a night there subjected to the jeers and thrown debris of the locals. Those who somehow manage to damage the Wall in some way are given much more stern punishment, including imprisonment and even execution.
  • The Night Bell & Gatefall: One hour after nightfall, the Night Bell begins ringing in the topmost of the Towers of the Accord, the signal of Gatefall. At that point, the guards in the gatehouses around Liminal begin winching the gates closed, sealing off the various districts. Though it is not a curfew per se, it is forbidden to traverse between districts between the hours of the Night Bell and sunrise. At sunrise, the Bell tolls again once, and the gates are raised. Those with business in districts after dark are advised to seek an inn there, or join the handful of people who find themselves forced to bed down beside the gates each night.
    • The only known exception to this law are those rare few individuals who are given Gatefall Seals, carved palm-sized seals (sometimes hung on chains around the neck) that grant passage at the gates to those who bear them. Each gate has a door inset into it that can only be opened by the touch of one of these Seals - the guards at the Gate know enough to not bother those who pass through that way. The Gatefall Seals are usually borne by those on the Accord, their agents or the representatives of one of the Imbricate Cities.

The Gates of Liminal

Outer Gates

  • The Prince's Gate (G1): The western gate into Liminal.
  • The Traveler's Gate (G2): The southeastern gate into Liminal.
  • The Pauper's Gate (G3): The eastern gate into Liminal.

Accord Gates

  • The Laurelgate (G4): Gate between Accord and the Noble Quintan.
  • The Lanterngate (G5): Gate between Accord and the Fest Quintan.
  • The Tallygate (G6): Gate between Accord and the Market Quintan.
  • The Yokegate (G7): Gate between Accord and the Workman's Quintan.
  • The Wheelgate (G8): Gate between Accord and the Traveler's Quintan.

Quintan Gates

  • The Gate of Fifes (G9): Gate between the Noble Quintan and the Fest Quintan.
  • The Gate of Coins (G10): Gate between the Market Quintan and the Fest Quintan.
  • The Gate of Wayns (G11): Gate between the Market Quintan and the Workman's Quintan.
  • The Gate of Hammers (G12): Gate between the Workman's Quintan and the Traveler's Quintan.
  • The Gate of Crowns (G13): Gate between the Noble Quintan and the Traveler's Quintan; usually sealed.

Imbricate Gates

  • The Silvergate (G14): Gate into Greytown from the Noble Quintan.
  • The Templegate (G15): Gate into Empyros from the Noble Quintan.
  • The Spiregate (G16): Gate into the Greensward from the Fest Quintan.
  • The Rivergate (G17): Gate into Rivermouth from the Market Quintan.
  • The Firegate (G18): Gate into the Coalman's District from the Workman's Quintan.
  • The Wretchgate (G19): Gate into the Warrens from the Workman's Quintan.
  • The Blackgate (G20): Gate into the Blackstreets from the Workman's Quintan.
  • The Hellgate (G21): The gate into the Hellsward from the Traveler's Quintan.

Planar Gates


Worldly Districts

  • The Accord, center of Liminal, home to the Accord of Worlds and wholly within the world of mortals. The Accord is the center of government in Liminal, as well as the home to the very rich Houses of Liminal.

The neighborhoods that lie between Accord proper and the other Districts are locally referred to as "quintans". Each has an air influenced by the districts they abut.

  • Market Quintan: The northermost quintan, abutting the Rivermouth district, is home to the Great Market of Liminal, a massive market square. The extraplanar merchants of Rivermouth frequently set up their exotic wares in the rented stone stalls of this market. This area also sees a number of permanent merchant's shops and inns that cater to travelers.
  • Workman's Quintan: The eastern quintan is a working-class neighborhood, home to a number of craftsman's shops and row housing that caters to day laborers and the like. The various crossroads of this quintan are often frequented by men and women looking for simple labor, and are known as a place to get manual laborers for relatively cheaply. By night, however, they are frequented by those seeking "night labor" (as prostitution is often referred). The Workman's Quintan is also home to a great many of the Guilds Workhouses, where poor, indebted and planar refugees with no other options can go to be provided food, shelter and the possibility of menial labor to work off their debt.
  • Traveler's Quintan: The southeastern quintan is the most-frequently used gate, the Traveler's Gate. Most caravans and travelers come into Liminal through this gate, and this quintan caters to their needs. There are plenty of inns here, as well as the Lesser Market. This quintan often sees a great many beggars and thieves, however, due to its proximity to Hellsward, so much so that the gate between this quintan and the nearby Noble Quintan is usually never opened. The gate to the Accord is similarly sealed most of the time.
  • Noble Quintan: The richest Houses maintain homes here, up against the walls of the Accord or Empyros. Those locals who are not noble, but quite rich nonetheless, tend to build along the walls to Greytown, while merchants and others who tend to the needs of the quintan's wealthy can be found along the streets that abut the Hellward.
  • Fest Quintan: Filled with inns, taverns, festhalls and theaters, the Fest Quintan is the undisputed "place to be" for the enjoyment of life's pleasures. The eladrin-style squares of the quintan are surrounded by important and palatial theaters, with a disproportionate number of inns scattered among them. The reason for this is simple: most of the finest shows don't begin until after Gatefall, meaning that those who are there to take in the entertainment are also beholden to stay for the night. The inns in this district are usually intended more for over-nighting, and because they compete with one another for noble coin, strive to outdo one another in sumptuous accommodations. Those who cannot afford such over-night stays tend to attend those shows earlier in the day, dubbed the "workman's curtain".

The Imbricate Districts

  • The Greensward, imbricate to the Feywild eladrin city of Arilan Atrin, the City of Silver Spires. The Greensward is home to mostly elves and other folk with fey blood, but a number of wealthy estates can be found there as well.
  • The Blackstreets, imbricate to the Shadowfell shadar-kai city of Gauntpeak. The Blackstreets are a working-class neighborhood.
  • The Coalman's District, imbricate to the Elemental Chaos efreet city of Brazenvale. This district is something of a craftsman's ward.
  • Greytown, imbricate to the Astral Sea githyanki city, Xanastyr. Greytown is a somewhat xenophobic place, although it is home to several renowned places of learning.
  • Empyros, imbricate to the Great Heavens, a pocket realm with connections to all the domains of the gods of the Empyrean Court. Empyros is the temple district, and is home to a number of rich estates.
  • The Hellsward, imbricate to the Eternal Hells, a pocket realm with connections to all the domains of the gods of the Talion Court. Hellsward is a slum, as only the very poor and desperate will dwell there.
  • The Rivermouth, imbricate to a Elemental Chaos city called Basinadath, in a realm called the Great Confluence, where many great planar rivers criss-cross.
  • The Warrens, imbricate to the Abyss city called Gruenmar, with connections to the Underdark. Where Hellsward is a district of the poor and downtrodden, the half-subterranean Warrens are home to criminals and those who seek to escape the law's notice.

Denizens of Liminal

There are a great many folk that can be found in Liminal - not simply the worldly races from all the nations of Rinhony, but extraplanar denizens as well. The so-called plane-touched can be found all throughout Liminal, while those entities that are outright extraplanar creatures tend to restrict their wanderings in Liminal to the imbricate district closest to their home place. Still, even those beings may occasionally find they have business in other areas.

  • Non-Imbricate Quintans: The denizens of Liminal often speak of two kinds of folk: the worldly races and the plane-touched. Any of them can be found in any of the Quintans and Accord. The worldly races include such folk as humans (and their half-breed get), elves, dwarves, halflings, shifters, goliaths, dragonborn and similar ilk. The plane-touched are humanoid, though infused with the power of their home plane. These include genasi, devas, eladrin, shadar-kai, githyanki, githzerai and tieflings.
  • Greensward: The Greensward sees plenty of feyborn creatures, various denizens of the Feywild that it touches, including a sizeable population of gnomes, satyrs, firbolgs, nymphs and wilden. Small fey such as quicklings and swordwings sometimes find their way into the city from the Feywild, and thence into the Greensward as well. The majority of the denizens of the Greensward, however, are elves, eladrin, half-elves and humans.
  • Rivermouth: Rivermouth sees an impressive array of entities from across the worlds touched by the Web of Rivers. Githzerai, genasi and humans are most populous in Rivermouth, along with numbers of lizardfolk from Basinadath's Drowned Island who live along the river's edge and make their livings doing dock work. A few of the Nagpa Syndicate's strange vulture-men make their homes in Rivermouth, where they direct the local criminal operations, as do more than a few rakshasa in secret dens. In contrast, a small court of djinns have made their home here, as have a secretive clan of nagas. Finally, it is not uncommon to find the archon soldiers of the Riverlord here.
  • Coalman's District: Genasi and humans tend to dwell here in large numbers, as do a sizeable population of azers, dragonborn and a small community of phoelarchs. The efreeti are definitively the masters here, served by groups of swordmage janissaries and the archons in service to the City of Brass, who act as city guards.
  • Blackstreets: The Blackstreets are heavily populated by humans, halflings and shadar-kai. Strange things flit through the fogs of these streets, however, including the creatures known as dark ones. Though the Raven Queen's soldiers are made up of all of these (with the shadar-kai usually finding their way into higher positions of authority), her elite troops are direguard, slavishly devoted to her service. It is also whispered that various forms of intelligent undead make up her court and advisors, including vampires and liches. The very poor sections of town are known to be inhabited by kenku, the strange raven-men, earning them the nickname "rookeries".
  • Hellsward: The poor district sees a great many humans and tieflings, as well as a small underclass of meazels who can be a threat to those traveling along sometimes. In truth, though, these are mere nuisances: the true lords of the Hellsward are the devils that can be found here in service to the Talion Gods, and their cambion offspring.
  • Greytown: For the most part, Greytown is populated by humans, half-elves and githyanki, with a marked preference for githyanki. Under no circumstances are any githzerai permitted within its walls. Also local is a small populace of shardminds, who are treated with somewhat fearful respect by the githyanki. All of the city guard here is made up of githyanki soldiers and marut mercenaries in service to Xana the Eternal. Finally, though they are rare, there is a strange temple-like structure, pyramidal in shape, where dwell an extended family of sphinxes. Though they number no more than two dozen or so, it is not unusual to encounter one of them here.
  • Empyros: The majority of Empyros' population consists of members of the worldly races, and devas. Regarding other entities, only angels can be found here, all in service to the Empyrean Gods. The defense of this district is wholly in the hands of the various angels, generally small cadres of Angels of Valor, led by an Angel of Battle.
  • Warrens: The Warrens are truly a wretched place. It is the first home to refugees of war, starting with those refugees of the destruction of Gruenmar. Though the worldly races make up the majority of these, there are also populations of goblins, minotaurs, troglodytes and gnolls to be found in the Warrens, living short, brutish lives here. And though they do not make their presence known often, demons manage to sneak into this district with alarming frequency from the passages beneath the Warrens.

Dungeons of Liminal

  • The Wretched Citadel: Accord In the center of the Accord Island stands the ancient Wretched Citadel, a place with a terrifying reputation indeed. The Keepers have sealed off access to the ancient Citadel - easily the oldest structure in Liminal - but that does not its strange, haunting manifestations from filling the night over the Accord with odd colors, sounds and other strange sensory madness. Despite this, adventurers occasionally manage to sneak past the posted guards in an effort to confront whatever lies within. Some return with riches. None return unscathed.
  • The Lichfield Crypts: Blackstreets Though the Lichfields themselves serve as the graveyard for both Liminal and Gauntpeak, the crypts dug deep under the surface are known to house undead monstrosities and those who either worship or seek to use them. There are a thousand stories about what can be found in such places, and equally terrifying stories about what has happened to those who ventured into them.
  • The Tower of Vines: Greensward Sequestered away from the ephemeral beauty of the rest of the Greensward is the Tower of Vines. The eladrin of Arilan Atrin speak of it with reverence and fear - it was once the noble manor of a sidhe House that made the mistake of raising the ire of the archfey Baba Yaga. Thinking themselves immune to her retribution because of their political connections, the terrible hag demonstrated the futility of their power by laying a horrible curse on their house. Overnight, it became a place of blood and screams, and the eladrin have left it as is, abandoning the area in which it resides.
  • The Blasphemous Ruin: Warrens In the middle of the Warrens rises an old ruins - a tall structure built of Abyssal stone and steel. Once the home to a terrible demon prince, adventurers drove it out long ago...but not without a price. The Ruins were sealed by the clerics of the Gruenmar Levy, and to this day they still guard the ruins against anything that might emerge from its rust-streaked depths.

The Crossroads City
Imbricate Cities