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The Blackstreets is imbricate to the Shadowfell shadar-kai city of Gauntpeak. The Blackstreets are a working-class neighborhood.

Gates & Other Landmarks


  • The Lichfield (BX): X
    • The Lichfield Crypts: Though the Lichfields themselves serve as the graveyard for both Liminal and Gauntpeak, the crypts dug deep under the surface are known to house undead monstrosities and those who either worship or seek to use them. There are a thousand stories about what can be found in such places, and equally terrifying stories about what has happened to those who ventured into them.



Blackstreets Dwellings

Considered a poorer, working-class neighborhood, there are few limitations on those interested in living here.

  • Cottage: 340 gp
  • Manor: 40,000 gp
  • Quarters: 800 gp
  • Stone Building: 2400 gp
  • Tower: 12,000 gp
  • Wood Building: 1200 gp

Government & Nobility


Taverns & Inns

  • The Gallows Humor: Tavern. A small tavern whose front is reached by a staircase that brings its main floor windows even with the gallows in the square outside of it, where the criminals of Gauntpeak are hanged.

Mages & the Arcane

  • The Fallen House (BX): Blackstreets school of necromancy and nethermancy.

Temples & Monasteries


  • The Penumbral Cloister: The shadow-monks of the Cloister are a swift and silent order of ascetics. Their style of battle is known as the "Shadow Rising and Falling." Their disciplines include extensive scholarship as well as contemplation, and they frequently take the Scion of Shadow or Scholar themes. A frequent accusation by those who do not like the Cloister's monks are that Assassins are also trained here, a charge that has never been substantiated.

Military & Mercenaries


The Crossroads City
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