Empyrean Court

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The Court-City of the Empyrean Gods

The Empyrean Court


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Temple-Districts of the Empyrean Court

The Temple Empyrean

Though technically a district in and of itself, the Temple Empyrean is a massive complex the size of a city district. It is here that the Empyrean gods hold their Court as a divine body in those rare instances where such is appropriate and needful. This is called "Empyros" by the peoples of Liminal, as the neighborhood is imbricate with that crossroads city.


At the far end of the Empyrean Court is the massive mountain of gold-streaked white marble that acts as the doorstep to the Vault of Heavens, the realm of divine Aevo. Access to the Vault is accomplished not through a single gateway, but by simply flying upward into the light of the day. Skypeak also provides similar access to Harkenvale, the shared realm of Khoro and Xanayr, also reached by flying into either the sun or moon, whichever is in the sky. The district of Skypeak is also the core of the Empyrean Court's administrative functions, with various bureaucracy-palaces littering the side of the mountain.


A market district that is also home to a great many inns, feast-halls and the like, the gate that departs from Mothersgard leads to the shared realm of the Two Mothers, Edyma and Ulandira. The darker corners of the district, redolent with heady perfumes and brilliant crimson lanterns, are home to the various religious festhalls and holy brothels that cluster around the ivied gate to the Viridarium of Lovers, the realm of Elbitara.

The Spires

A district of tall wizards' towers, domed libraries and academies of all sorts, the Spires are the doorstep to the Spellstorm, realm of Aeldryn, though the gate known as the Tempestwalk. In another portion of the district sits the Gatehouse of Lore, a defensible construction that contains the passageway to Loreholm, the realm of Kaedlah.

The Godstrand

Used as a dock district, the Godstrand is the passageway to the First Sea of Ildinmara. The bay that stretches out from the district is brilliant and blue, the very finest of beaches. Its only oddity is a narrow river that leads away from the open ocean - this is the River Empyrean, which leads to and from the Empyrean Court and the rest of the Astral Sea. One of the gates that leads out of this district provides access to the road that leads to the Ancient Crossroads of Aldinmure.

The Crossroads City
Imbricate Cities