Traveler's Quintan

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The southeastern quintan is the most-frequently used gate, the Traveler's Gate (G2). Most caravans and travelers come into Liminal through this gate, and this quintan caters to their needs. There are plenty of inns here, as well as the Lesser Market (X). This quintan often sees a great many beggars and thieves, however, due to its proximity to Hellsward, so much so that the gate between this quintan and the nearby Noble Quintan is usually never opened.

Gates & Other Landmarks

  • The Traveler's Gate (G2): The southeastern gate into Liminal.
  • The Wheelgate (G8): The gate into Accord.
  • The Gate of Hammers (G12): The gate into the Workman's Quintan.
  • The Gate of Crowns (G13): The gate into the Noble Quintan; usually sealed.
  • The Hellgate (G21): The gate into the Hellsward.
  • The Accord State Children's Home (T10): A large orphanage run by the Accord, the Children's Home often faces down problems of overcrowding, forcing them to either release some of the older children onto their own, or sending them to the workhouses in the Workman's Quintan.


  • Lesser Market (T1): Local markets, for more typical goods as well as food.
  • The First Way-Stable (T9): The Guild Hall for the Worthy and Diligent Guild of Missivefolk, the postal riders who specialize in the quick delivery of letters and packages across Rinhony.

Government & Nobility

  • Sweet Heather House (T2): An estate belonging to House Caelmont, Sweet Heather House is the favored abode of the younger generation of Caelmont nobles. Here they often host parties that last well into the morning light, usually with whatever guests they take a fancy to from the local taverns and inns - a scandalous proposition to their elders, naturally.
Traveler's Quintan Dwellings
  • Cottage: 400 gp
  • Manor: 40,000 gp
  • Quarters: 1000 gp
  • Stone Building: 3000 gp
  • Wood Building: 1500 gp

Taverns & Inns

  • The Rose & Thorn (T3): One of the largest inns of the Traveler's Quintan.
  • The Scythe & Flail (T4): A large, somewhat rowdy tavern favored by those farmers who are in town for the market. It sees folk from all over the countryside, and as such is a good place to hear about trouble before it is commonly known about.
  • The Devil's Due (T5): A tavern on the edge of the Hellsward, the Devil's Due is a shady place indeed. Despite its name, it doesn't often see devils, though tieflings, priests of the Talion gods and similar...severe folk are not uncommon here.

Mages & the Arcane

  • Dalryn's Tower (T6): Dalryn Silverwright is a well-known wizard and one of the emeritus instructors at the Spellwright's Guildhall. He makes his quarters in the Traveler's Domain, overlooking the Lesser Market, with a few apprentices who have shown promise. Services: Magical item creation, identification of arcane items and writings, removal of curses.

Temples & Monasteries

  • The Sojourner's Shrine (T7): A small temple space to Aldinmure, this is the temple favored by those who've come to Liminal for the small market, and are uncomfortable with the opulence of the Empyros temples.

Military & Mercenaries

  • The Swords of the Road (T8): One of the biggest mercenary companies in Liminal, the Swords hire out for contracts guarding merchant caravans and the like. As such, they specialize in much smaller bands, anywhere from one or two guards to a small force - whatever is necessary for the job at hand.
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