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The Crossroads City
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The Lands of Liminal
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Greater Gods
Aevo, the King of Gods • Edyma, the Hearthmother • Ulandira, the Earthmother • Aeldryn, the Magicwright • Ildinmara, the Divine Seas
Lesser Gods
Aldinmure, the Crossroads God • Kaedlah, the Great Mystery • Khoro, the Sun Goddess • Xanayr, the Moon God • Elbitara the Triple Goddess of Love
The Gaunt, God of Death • Augdos, Underworld God • Makoryn, the Iron God • Gildammar, the Plaguewright • The Red Lady, Queen of War • Varum, God of Murder • Iritsa, Goddess of Seduction and Deceit • Admaak'Raas, the Mad God
Primordials, the First Makers • The Archfey of the Feywild • The Primal Spirits of the Natural World • The Starry Wisdoms of the Firmament • The Dark Powers of the Shadowfell • Alien IntelligencesAbyssal Lords, Masters of Demonkind • Vestiges of Power, Ancient and Fallen


In the last generation, more and more folk have come into the world with the blood of angels to them. Some believe they are the children of the humans who fled into the Empyros district of Liminal and have dwelt among the angels and other celestial beings there.


The masters of the Merchants' Guild, although they are a dying race, with fewer and fewer dwarves born every year. Short but wide, very strong. (All dwarves in Liminal are Mountain Dwarves)


Rare in this age, most of the wood elves dwell in the Delannwood, although you can find small groups of them here and there. There are also occasional sightings of the so-called high elves - also called "eladrin" - from time to time, but their settlements seem to be exclusively in the Feywild.


Common in the plains around Liminal and the Empire of the Nine, they are a short, merry folk. Their young are thin and athletically lithe, but age seems to gather thickly about their waists as they get on in years.


Ubiquitous and varied, humans are the most common of the races.


Dragon-men with great strength and breath weapons, dragonborn mostly come from the lands south of the Ilandor Mountains, although a few clans have been found in service to the sorcerer-kings of the Empire of the Nine.


There are a good number of half-elves in the world, although fewer with the fall of Liminal. In some ways, people think of half-elves in association with Liminal, due to the large population of them that once dwelled where the Feywild came into close contact with the world of mortals.


Half-orcs are quite common, many of them being found in the nations that fringe on the Hordemarches, which suffer orc raids frequently. Because many of them are the result of violent rape, they tend to be viewed with ill feeling and hatred, however. There are more and more half-orcs being born of two half-orc parents, however, and there is a small town - Grok'has, founded by the family of a half-orc member of the Company of the Rose & Thorn - where they are the majority citizens.


Kin to demons and devils, once the lot of tieflings was hard. After the Shattering of Liminal, their life is nearly impossible. Everyone views them with suspicion, as they view anyone and anything having to do with extraplanar contact or lineage. Most tieflings have to go to extreme measures to survive, turning to banditry, or sawing off horns to barely pass as human in large cities.

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