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These are the races that are available for player characters in the strange planar city of Liminal.

Player's Handbook

  • Dragonborn: Tall and powerfully built dragon-men, the dragonborn are descended from the Great Dragons themselves. Dragonborn are quite common in Liminal.
  • Dwarf: Short, stout and well-muscled, the bearded dwarf-folk are known for their craftsmanship, their love of beer and ale and their great mountain citadels.
  • Eladrin: Tall, pale and ethereal, the eladrin hail from the Feywild. Though they normally come from cities that fade in and out of the world of mortals, there are a great many eladrin in Liminal, as the fey courts of the Feywild have a presence here.
  • Elf: The fey-touched wild elves of the forests and glens of the mortal world are cousins to the eladrin. Where their more fragile cousins are thin and intellectual, elves are strong and fierce, well in-tune with the natural world and its spirits.
  • Half-Elf: Born of human and elf, half-elves are renowned as diplomats who are accustomed to dealing with people from a great many different cultures.
  • Halfling: The small shire-folk are known for their love of good food and a warm hearth, though many of them feel the pull towards travel and adventure while young.
  • Human: The most populous and yet short-lived of the dominant cultures of the world of men, humans make up only about half the population of Liminal. Despite this, they are well-suited to living here, able to get along with just about anyone they choose, and demonstrating a drive to accomplish their goals.
  • Tiefling: Mortal creatures whose lineage is tainted by the blood of devils and demons somewhere in their past, tieflings are the preferred emissaries of the courts of the Eternal Hells. As such, they are quite common in Liminal.

Monster Manual

  • Bugbear: The taller, militaristic cousins of goblins, bugbears are justly feared by all civilized people. They have secured a place in Liminal for themselves by organizing into formal mercenary companies and selling their services to those forces most will not deal with, such as demons.
  • Githyanki: A tall, gaunt and psychic race of grey-fleshed humanoids, the githyanki are suspicious and xenophobic. They are ruled by lich-queens and dwell in the reaches of the Astral, and as such occasionally find their way to Liminal.
  • Gnoll: Thickly built hyena-men, gnolls are tribal and savage. Occasionally those who find themselves cast out of their native tribes find life in Liminal to their liking.
  • Goblin: Short greenish-skinned humanoids with wide mouths filled with teeth, goblins are rapacious and tribal. Though occasional outcasts find their way to Liminal, most goblins arrive here as part of hobgoblin mercenary companies.
  • Hobgoblin: Like bugbears, hobgoblins are taller and stronger cousins to goblins. They are not militaristic, however, and like goblins usually find their way to Liminal as outcasts or as part of bugbear mercenary companies.
  • Kobold: Shifty, sneaky and distantly related to dragons and dragon-born, kobolds are usually simple tribal creatures fond of laying traps and ambushes for the unwary. They are relatively rare in Liminal, although more than one kobold has been seen as part of one of the Dragonborn households.
  • Orc: Green-skinned and tusked humanoids, orcs are a great menace to most of the civilized nations of the world. They are fairly rare in Liminal, save for the occasional adventurer or outcast.
  • Shadar-Kai: Pale-skinned, elegant humanoids that originate from the Shadowfell, the Shadar-Kai are the notable representatives sent to Liminal on behalf of the strange and twisted denizens of the Shadowfell. As such, they are quite common in the Blackstreets, and found elsewhere in the city as well.

Player's Handbook 2

  • Deva: Mysterious and aloof humanoids constantly experiencing rebirth into new bodies, the deva are commonly chosen representatives of the Great Heavens. As such, they are often found in Liminal, particularly in the district of Empyros.
  • Gnome: Diminuitive illusionists and fey-touched beings, gnomes are occasionally found attached to the various fey courts of the Feywild. As such, they are common in the Greensward.
  • Goliath: Powerfully built near-giants, goliaths are renowned for their impressive strength and size. They are native to the mountain ranges of the mortal world, where they dwell in nomadic bands. They relish both competition and adversity, taking delight in any perceived victory.
  • Half-Orc: Born of the union of orc and human, half-orcs have a reputation as being the children of ravishment of human women by orcish raiders. In truth, though, the majority are simply the children of strange happenstance (though, arguably, there are more half-orcs that spring from violent conception than other similar beings).
  • Shifter: Creatures imbued with limited shape-shifting due to strains of primal blood in their lineage, shifters have a reputation as fearsome, half-feral creatures. They aren't terribly common in Liminal.

Player's Handbook 3

  • Githzerai: An orderly and monastic off-shoot of the githyanki race, the githzerai also hail from other planes, and as such often find their way to Liminal.
  • Minotaur: Powerful bull-headed humanoids, minotaurs are living paradoxes, each embodying the struggle between civilization and savagery, creative passion and destructive urge. Many of them are found in the Hellsward, as agents of Baphomet and other unsavory powers.
  • Shardmind: Truly odd creatures, shardminds are intelligent psionic fields of force embodied into bodies of crystal fitted together by pure will. They often hail from the Astral and other realms, and as such can often be found in Liminal.
  • Wilden: Keepers of ancient knowledge and defenders of the natural places, wilden are plant-like humanoids born of the natural world. They remain attuned to their environs for their whole lives. They are native to the world of men, though often find themselves in Liminal, lured there by the cries of a world straining against the onslaught of so many overlapping extra-planar forces.

Eberron Player's Guide

  • Changeling: Shapeshifters of limited power, changelings are suspect to have the blood of dopplegangers or other shapeshifting creatures in their background. Their talents are in high demand in the intrigues of Liminal.
  • Warforged: Golems and automatons imbued not just with motion and purpose, but with actual sentience, the warforged are more common in Liminal - where there are many with the knowledge of their creation - than elsewhere in the mortal world.

Forgotten Realms Player's Guide

  • Drow: Ebony-skinned elves that hail from the Underdark, the drow are hated and feared by most who know of them. Despite this, they are occasionally spotted in Liminal, although they do tend to keep to the Warrens beneath the city, or to the portions of the Hellsward controlled by the religion of their spider-goddess, Lolth.
  • Genasi: Elemental-blooded folk, the genasi are frequently employed by agents from the myriad elemental planes. As such, they are quite common in the city of Liminal.

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