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Basic Information

  • Fakharu: Unique. A Lesser Elemental Dragon of Water, Fakharu is the Censor of the West, responsible for overseeing the Terrestrial Courts of the West. High Essence.
  • Garda Bird: Great phoenixes capable of wielding terrible fiery powers, including detonating over a large area. Often summoned as a weapon, or to advise in historical or magical matters. Middle Essence.
  • Jealous Saffron Rage: Unique. Lesser elemental dragon of fire that manifests as a root fire that burns at the core of trees; may send a servant in his stead. High Essence.
  • Joyous Youth Juritsu: Unique. Beauteous and resplendent, Juritsu is an elemental dragon of wood well known for his beauty and romantic notions. He is also known as the father of the artisan elementals, and has the ability to send servants in his stead if he is summoned. High Essence.
  • Kri: Three-horned deer-shaped earth elementals of excellent and broad skills; usually already in service to gemlords, who may try and communicate with the sorcerer through kri; will need a source of Essence upon being summoned, as they lose Essence quickly and cannot respire it. Middle Essence
  • The Kukla: A greater elemental dragon of earth, imprisoned as a doomsday device by Heaven. Protected by twelve guardian dragons, who arrive instead when the Kukla is summoned. Very High Essence
  • Ogime: Unique. Mother of the heketa and mistress of tsunami and waterborne diseases, Ogime is a potent elemental dragon of water, who is capable of sending servants in her stead when summoned. High Essence.
  • The Quicksilver Queen: An ant-headed lesser elemental dragon of earth and queen of the mercury ants; usually sends a servitor ant in her stead when summoned. High Essence
  • Three-Clawed Sage: Potent crab-like near-dragons of elemental water known for their wisdom and ability to manipulate the minds of others. High Essence.
  • Undertow: Invisible and formless, undertows are water elementals that dwell in the deep seas, where the least-gods of secrets go to hide. Undertows often absorb these gods, and so are known as being holders of secrets, though they don’t mean to be, and so are often summoned to learn small, personal secrets. They are also sometimes used to drag someone or something below the surface of the sea. Low Essence.

Full Information


  • Cloud Person: Fair air elementals made of wispy clouds, often summoned as concubines, spies or astrological advisors. Essence 3, Willpower 6. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p94
  • Doldrum: Usually summoned to becalm foes, causing winds to still, as emissaries because they argue cleverly, translators because they know all languages (including that of animals). Essence 4, Willpower 6. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p95
  • Huraka: Massive air elementals in the shape of bears, huraka are often summoned as guardians and warriors; their breath, when captured, is also known for destroying deception. Essence 2, Willpower 6. Exalted Second Ed. Core p304
  • Thunderbird: Air elementals that enjoy battle; requires that the sorcerer paint her face with white lead paint when summoning; become resentful when not permitted to engage in battle. Essence 3, Willpower 6. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p97
    • Chief Storms-As-He-Walks: Unique. Ancient air elemental thunderbird with ties to House Tepet from long in antiquity. Essence 3, Willpower 8. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p99
  • Storm Serpent: Massive lightning serpents that are born in the heart of terrible storms, and exist only as long as the storm itself does; generally considered too difficult to keep in existence to be worth it. Essence 6, Willpower 8. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p96
  • Wind Masters: Unique. Masters of the Court of Five Winds, they are the fathers of the huraka, or wind-bears, and mighty bear-headed dragons in their own right. There are five of them, one for each direction: Blue Skulking Bear (North), Green Frowning Bear (East), Black Grinning Bear (West), Red Stalking Bear (South), White Venerable Bear (Center). Essence 7, Willpower varies (Blue 9; Black, White 8; Green, Red 7). RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p90


  • Black Tar Vortex: Earth elementals in the form of yard-wide pools of black tar on the sand that absorb the sunlight during the day; at night, they erupt into flame, becoming Sandpit Fire elementals. Essence 3, Willpower 5. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p87
  • Gemlord: Massive earth elemental kings on the verge of becoming lesser elemental dragons who run the elemental courts; it is recommended that the sorcerer go to the gemlord’s court and bind it rather than summoning it to him. Essence 6 - 8, Willpower 9. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p103
  • Jokun: Rust-skinned earth elementals with the ability to collapse into a mobile pile of mica sand, jokun make excellent bodyguards. They do, however, prefer to remain in contact with the ground. Essence 3, Willpower 7. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p106
  • Mercury Ant: A mansized earth elemental ant of silver-black hue, mercury ants are known for their ability to burrow quickly and transmute metals from one substance to another. They are sought after by those digging foundations as well as alchemists who rely on their advice and powers. Essence 2, Willpower 5. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p108
  • Sandpiper: Small birdlike earth elementals that do not fly responsible for shaping the shore to their liking; they are also known for their quick travel and compassionate desire to heal the injured. Essence 2, Willpower 7. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p87
  • Serpent-and-Egg: Serpent-shaped earth elementals that always appear wrapped around an egg, into which it can gaze and tell the future to a limited degree. Essence 3, Willpower 7. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p110


  • Amabosar: Strange fire elementals tainted by earth-Essence; contradictory and forgetful, but excellent Slaves. Essence 3, Willpower 5. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p115
  • Fire Butterfly: Beauteous creatures that take the form of lovely consorts or butterflies made of flame, fire butterflies are known as jealous things that hate others of beauty. Essence 2, Willpower 6. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p115
  • Flame Duck: Usually summoned as lieutenants or major domos; can be sulky when following orders; concerned with Celestial justice. Essence 3, Willpower 5. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p116
  • Golden Fire Keeper: Fire elementals that are birthed in the reflection of the sun on the waves, confusing sailors and others near the shore. Essence 2, Willpower 6. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p87
  • Ifrit: Proud fire elemental warriors, ifrit are best summoned for tasks that are challenging and interesting, as they resent being used for simple tasks unworthy of their majesty. They particularly like polite summoners. Essence 4, Willpower 7. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p119
  • Llama-Yu: Strange fire elementals in the shape of burning eyes, llama-yu are unpredictable and not in full control of their powers. They have the ability to project the secrets of those around them as illusions, and occasionally possess those they like, granting them extrasensory powers while allowing them to retain control over their bodies. Essence 2, Willpower 6. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p120
  • Need Fire: Tiny fire elementals easily summoned by even thaumaturges and controlled with water, need fires set fire to things around them, and cure disease in animals. They are born from a variety of sources, and have urges appropriate to their origins. Essence 3, Willpower 6. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p122
  • Sandpit Fire: Fire elementals that burn deep into the sand during the night; when day comes, the fire extinguishes and the pit collapses, allowing them to bubble back to the surface as Black Tar Vortex elementals. Essence 3, Willpower 5. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p87


  • Brine Cur: Huge sea-colored dog-shaped water elementals, brine curs make excellent mounts or guards, though they die within a day of leaving salt water. Essence 2, Willpower 4. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p124
  • Heketa: Water elementals with the alabaster bodies of women and heads of vicious-looking frogs, heketa are traditionally instruments of vengeance. Though they may serve other purposes, their mother Ogime dislikes anyone using them for purposes other than vengeance. Essence 3, Willpower 8. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p125
  • King of the Wood: Wood elemental monarchs who each believe they are kings over all the forests in the world, known for being propitiated with human sacrifice; they die when they leave their forests. Often summoned because they can then command all the other wood elementals in their forests. Essence 5, Willpower 7. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p137
  • Nymph: Water elementals known for their great beauty, nymphs are often summoned as aquatic servants or exotic lovers. Essence 2, Willpower 6. Exalted Second Ed. Core p305
  • Sobeksis: River-dwelling water elementals that manifest as huge crocodiles, or crocodile-headed men, sobeksis are often used as battlefield medics. They are known as skilled healers, and often solicit worship in exchange for healing. Essence 4, Willpower 7. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p126
  • Urchin King: The honor guard water elementals that take the form of sea urchins, their spines secrete poisons, antidotes and aphrodisiacs; they crave harems full of women. Essence 3, Willpower 6. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p87
  • Vodonik: Almost never summoned, vodonik are shapeshifting water elementals that cannot survive outside the water, melting into black ooze if forced. Essence 5, Willpower 5. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p129
  • Water Child: Chaotic water elementals, water children are born when a child drowns. They have powers that allow them to identify the killer of the child who birthed them, as well as identify if a given adult is the parent of a given child; drinking the water from the mouth of a water child can induce a trance to warn someone of familial betrayal, as well. Essence 2, Willpower 6. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p130


  • Artisan: Wood elemental known for being cunning wood shapers and craftsmen. Essence 2, Willpower 5. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p134
  • Stick Person: A wood elemental that stands a few feet tall, often regarded as cute for their human-esque antics; known for their poor memories. Essence 2, Willpower 6. RoGD1:Gods & Elementals p137
  • Vine Runners: Dog-sized lizard-like wood elementals, vine runners tend to the thick jungle foliage where they are found. Essence 2, Willpower 7. CoTD3:The East p141
  • Wood Spider: Foul-tempered and quick to become violent, wood spiders are consummate hunters and quite poisonous. Essence 3, Willpower 5. Exalted Second Ed. Core p306