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Caste/Aspect: X; Concept: X; Anima: X; Motivation: X; Experience Points: X

  • Attributes: Strength X, Dexterity X, Stamina X; Charisma X, Manipulation X, Appearance X; Perception X, Intelligence X, Wits X
  • Abilities: Archery X, Martial Arts X, Melee X, Thrown X, War X; Integrity X, Performance X, Presence X, Resistance X, Survival X; Craft (X) X, Investigation X, Lore X, Medicine X, Occult X; Athletics X, Awareness X, Dodge X, Larceny X, Stealth X; Bureaucracy X, Linguistics X ([Native]; [Others]), Ride X, Sail X, Socialize X
  • Backgrounds: Allies X, Artifact X, Backing X, Contacts X, Cult X, Familiar X, Followers X, Influence X, Manse X, Mentor X, Resources X; Dragon-Blooded Backgrounds: Arsenal X, Breeding X, Command X, Family X, Reputation X, Retainers X; Scroll of the Monk Backgrounds: Destiny X, Face X
  • Excellencies
    • X: X; X; X; X
  • X Charms
    • X: X; X; X; X
  • Combos
    • X: X
  • Virtues: Compassion X, Conviction X, Temperance X, Valor X; Virtue Flaw: X
  • Willpower: X; Essence: X; Personal Essence: X; Anima Essence: X; Anima Power: X
  • DVs: Evade X, Parry X, Mental X; Soak: XB/XL/XA (X; Mob X, Fat X, Hard X); Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Inc.
  • Attacks
    • Punch: Speed 5, Rate 3, Accuracy +2 (X), Damage Str +0B, Parry DV X (Def +2)
    • Kick: Speed 5, Rate 2, Accuracy +0 (X), Damage Str +3B, Parry DV X (Def -2)
    • Clinch: Speed 6, Rate 1, Accuracy +0 (X), Damage Str +0B + hold, Parry DV N/A
    • [Weapon]: Speed X, Rate X, Accuracy +X (X), Damage X, Parry DV X (Def +X)
  • Possessions: X
    • Artifacts: X (Rating X, Commitment X; [Abilities])
    • Hearthstones: X (Rating X, Slotted in X, [Manse Name & Location]; [Abilities])
  • Intimacies: X
  • Athletic Measurements
    • Horizontal Jump: [Strength + Athletics x2] yds
    • Vertical Jump: [Strength + Athletics] yds
    • Move: [Dexterity] yds
    • Dash: [Dexterity +6] yds
    • Lift: X lbs.

Experience Points

Earned: 39

Prelude: Training of the Solars

  • Chapter One: Ancient Heroes
    • Chapter: 23
    • Wonders: 4
    • Freebies: 6 (Combo Only)
    • Homework: 3 (Combo Only)
  • Chapter Two: The Serpent Awakens
    • Session 1: 5
      • Wonders: 1
    • Session 2: 5
      • Wonders: 1

Spent: X; Unspent: 0

  • X