V'neef Qatia

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V'neef Qatia, Advisor to the Satrap of Varangia

Air Aspect • Satrap's Palace, Yane
A young Varangian woman, Qatia Exalted at the age of fourteen, and was quickly brought by the Wizarat to the Satrap. Jiana promised the scared young girl that above all, she would find a way to get her back home someday. House V'neef formally adopted the young woman, and sponsored her entry into the Spiral Academy, where she excelled. With her graduation, it was simple enough to see that she was placed in the Foreign Office and assigned to the household of the Satrap of Varangia, to take advantage of the young woman's origins for the benefit of the Satrap. In Varangia, she serves as advisor and the Satrap's second. Qatia is 23 years old, Exalting at age 14.


Known Traits

  • Social Attributes Primary
  • No Breeding
  • Essence 2
  • Charms from Bureaucracy, Investigation, Integrity, Martial Arts (Five-Dragon Style), Socialize