V'neef Chosul

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V'neef Chosul, Husband of V'neef

Wood Aspect • The Vineyards, Qishi Prefecture, Blessed Isle
Handsome, and considered somewhat conservative in his pleasures by his birth family, House Cynis, Chosul is the loving spouse of V'neef, chosen for her by the Scarlet Empress. Though the Empress' choice was fostered far more by the extreme purity of Chosul's blood rather than his temperament, he has turned out to be the perfect mate for V'neef: quietly supportive where she is gregarious, pragmatic where she can be idealistic and a loving father to their children, when the necessities of political life frequently call V'neef herself away from her household. Chosul prefers to live in the House's Vineyards estate, in Qishi Prefecture, away from the expectations of alliance that his birth House lays on him when he journeys to the Imperial City. Chosul is 85 years old, and Exalted when he was 9.


Known Traits

  • Mental Attributes Primary
  • Legendary Breeding Merit
  • Essence 4
  • Charms from Archery, Craft, Dodge, Linguistics, Lore, Performance, Ride, Socialize.