Personnel of the Scarlet Hall Satrapy

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This is the staff of the Satrap, in her capacity as an Imperial agent. This staff is based out of the Scarlet Hall, in the Dragonsward of Yane.

The Four Advisors

Every satrap is required by the office of the Wise and Knowledgeable Advisers of Foreign Tributaries to maintain four Advisors. These are generally junior members of the Foreign Office, in training to hold satrapies themselves at some point in the future. Ideally, these individuals should be Dragon-Blooded of entirely different Houses; as with so much in the Thousand Scales since the disappearance of the Scarlet Empress, this is hardly observed any longer.

  • V'neef Qatia (Air Aspect • Scarlet Hall or Sugati Bahudeya Estate, Yane): A young Varangian woman, Qatia Exalted at the age of twelve, and was quickly brought by the Wizarat to the Satrap. House V'neef formally adopted the young woman, and sponsored her entry into the Spiral Academy, where she excelled. With her graduation, it was simple enough to see that she was placed in the Foreign Office and assigned to the office of the Satrap of Varangia, to take advantage of the young woman's origins for the benefit of the Satrap. Here, she serves as advisor and one of the Satrap's Advisors. She is also part of the Satrap's Household.
  • Sesus Paulin (Wood Aspect • Scarlet Hall, Yane): Gregarious and handsome, Sesus Paulin is one of the Advisors and often the Satrap's preferred messenger and emissary. He has an excellent speaking voice, and he is an adept hand with flattery. The life of the party, Sesus Paulin is something of a carouser, sampling the beauty of the Varang people when he explores the nightlife of Yane, usually leaving Karia, his patrician wife and their two toddlers at home.
  • Tepet Kara (UnExalted • The Scarlet Hall, Yane, Varang City-States): Kara grew up with a distant, grieving father in the Southern Threshold. It was a young V'neef who saw her potential, and sponsored her for training at the Spiral Academy. She'd always intended to return home to her father's estate, but with her graduation and advancement through the ranks, she's found herself in an Advisor's position in one of the few V'neef satrapies, which suits her quite well.
  • Cathak Rinlak (UnExalted • Scarlet Hall, Yane): Cousin to Cathak Voper, the Satrap of Harborhead, Rinlak's appointment as an Advisor was a favor for Jiana's former mentor and still good friend. Rinlak is hotheaded and very much an Imperial patriot, though he is clearly quite taken with Jiana.

The Advisor's Tower

The bureaucratic nature of the Advisor's Tower means that it sees the most hustle and bustle. Accordingly, it has a number of bureaucrats who work here. The undisputed lord of the Advisor's Tower is the Satrap's clerk, who serves the Satrap as secretary and personal aide. Each of the Advisors also have an advisor's clerk, who serve their respective Advisors well, but are technically under the auspices of the Satrap's clerk directly. There is also a correspondent, who tends to the communications with the Thousand Scales as a whole, and individual correspondence from the Satrap and Advisors. The last is the precentor, who keeps the bureaucratic library of the tower in order, and oversees the proper filing and recording of paperwork within the tower.

  • Clerk Nellens Anadia (UnExalted • Scarlet Hall, Yane): X
  • Clerk Tepet Lyanak (UnExalted • Scarlet Hall, Yane): X
  • Clerk Sesus Argun (UnExalted • Scarlet Hall, Yane): X
  • Clerk Tepet Irazia (UnExalted • Scarlet Hall, Yane): X
  • Clerk Cathak Sunmitsu (UnExalted • Scarlet Hall, Yane): X
  • Correspondent Tepet Arnisan (UnExalted • Scarlet Hall, Yane): X
  • Precentor Sesus Gelin (UnExalted • Scarlet Hall, Yane): X

The Satrap's Tower

A bevy of household servants await the will of the satrap here, and there are three major positions in the tower: the major domo, who oversees the servants in the Scarlet Hall as a whole and general operation of the tower's functioning; the chamberlain, who acts as a body servant for the satrap when she is in residence and oversees the household servants; and the cellarer, who is in charge of the kitchens, pantry, wine cellars and it servants. Finally, the groundsmaster oversees the tending of the gardens and maintenance of the integrity of the walls.

  • Major Domo Cathak Rothvin (UnExalted • Scarlet Hall, Yane): X
  • Chamberlain Cynis Erina (UnExalted • Scarlet Hall, Yane): X
  • Cellarer Cynis Jomol (UnExalted • Scarlet Hall, Yane)
  • Groundsmaster Threevines Archer (UnExalted • Scarlet Hall, Yane): X

The Embassy Tower

The servants in the Embassy Tower are under the major domo of the Satrap's Tower and the chamberlain of the Embassy Tower (who generally functions in a state of rivalry with the chamberlain of the Satrap's Tower). A hosteller oversees the comforts of guests to the Embassy Tower, including securing transportation for them around the city, and even well-trained, well-mannered guides who speak High and Low Realm should they desire it. The guests of the Embassy Tower eat in the dining hall when the satrap is in residence, or have food brought to them when she is out.

  • Chamberlain Ledaal Watila (UnExalted • Scarlet Hall, Yane): X
  • Hosteller Cynis Fovin (UnExalted • Scarlet Hall, Yane): X

Defenses of the Scarlet Hall

The Scarlet Hall has a small active contingent of soldiers provided on a rotating basis by the Thirty-Fourth Legion garrison in Yane. This duty is known to be a veritable lap of luxury, as its soldiers are fed from the Satrap's kitchens, often tipped by visitors from the Realms for their admirable discipline and tend to be taken well-care of. However only soldiers capable of cutting a slick figure, demonstrating steel-faced discipline standing in on place for long periods of time in the hot sun and are skilled in etiquette for when it is required of them ever receive a placement here. At any given time, there is a talon of men (10 soldiers) deployed at the Scarlet Hall, overseen by a Talonlord who does have a permanent placement here, including quarters with the servants in the Embassy Tower, and an office in the Advisor's Tower. Two fanglords oversee the day-to-day operations and shift-changes.

  • Talonlord Cathak Ralia (UnExalted • Scarlet Hall, Yane, Varang City States): Though she never Exalted, Ralia takes her duties as a Legionnaire very seriously. She has also taken to the post as the head of the Satrap's Guard like a fish to water. She is congenial and proper, always recognizing the social standing of those she interacts with fairly quickly.