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Once an ancient and powerful nation, Harborhead is now a nearly-broken Realm satrapy. A nation originally made up of tribes that spent most of their time raiding one another for cattle, Harborhead's native faith is the worship of Ahlat, the Southern God of War and Cattle. Its foremost military are the Brides of Ahlat, dedicated priestess-warriors who defend Harbourhead and the temples of their divine husband. The days of Harborhead's glory are over, however, for it was bent and broken generations ago by the Realm's Legions.

Now, it is home to more than one of the Legions who keep it in check, and the Immaculate Order has bent its efforts to turn its populace to adherence to the Immaculate Philosophy. Though they dare not outright outlaw the worship of Ahlat - frankly, the Southern God of War is too potent a figure to beat into submission the way the Immaculate monks usually do to the gods of recalcitrant cults - but it has certainly become tempered with their influence. The tribes remain closer to the old ways of their people, however, and continue to raid one another (and their neighbors) to gather sacrifices for Ahlat. Harborhead is a satrapy of House Cathak.




The satrapy of Harborhead is traditionally a Cathak holding. Their House has long understood the nature of the Harborhead peoples, and their Legions know well how to deal with their tactics and battle-styles when rebellion threatens.

  • Cathak Voper (Air Aspect • Inkosintaba Palace, Imperial Garrison, Kirighast, Harborhead): A notable scholar during his years at the Spiral Academy, Voper understands well the people of Harborhead. Those who know him well see in him a man who loves the stark beauty of this nation, but who does not permit his personal feelings to sway his execution of his duties in any way. He is good friends with the Leopard Seat, and a faithful Immaculate as well. He regularly attends temple services with his wife, Halase (originally of the Tepet Berel household), a faithful adherent of the Philosophy herself, at his side.



Cities of Harborhead

  • Kirighast (Pop. X): X
  • Tiraktou (Pop. X): X
  • Bent Creek (Pop. X): X