Thaumaphoroi Character Creation

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  • Characters will be Mutants & Masterminds, Third Edition characters, of potentially varying Power Levels.
  • Time Manifested: How long it has been since a character's talent has manifested determines their starting Power Level. This will be determined randomly.
  • Age: How old a character is (ranging from between 12 years old to early twenties) determines the character's starting and maximum Ability scores (outside of elevated scores in accordance with powers), with lower starting and maximum scores for younger characters.
  • Time in the Academy: As it is relatively new, character can be one of the starting class members (the First Class, who have been at the Academy for two years, and will be starting their third as of beginning of game), one of the Second Class (one year in attendance, starting their second) or the Newbies (starting their first year). This will determine how many ranks of Thaumaphoros Education that character begins the game with.


All characters must begin with one rank in the Equipment Advantage, granting them the following institutional PranaNet equipment:

  • PranaNet Tablet: This tablet is about the size of an iPad, and is perfectly clear, with textured interface buttons along the upper edge. It can access both the regular internet and the Academy's institutional PranaNet, providing access to an incredible array of educational materials and impressive computing power. Studying and personal surfaces around the academy also come equipped with photoprojection bases, allowing the tablet to be "docked" and its information projected into the air above it, forming holographic displays, while the tablet itself becomes the interface, mimicking keyboard, track pad, art pads and the like. The tablet is also capable of streaming audio and video, recording to memory or streaming to another PranaNet device.
  • PranaNet Phone: A small rectangular piece of smooth-curved transparent glass with textured interface buttons on one edge. The phone accesses normal internet and cellular service as well as the Academy's PranaNet (which has "translated" versions of most smart phone apps that will function on the phone). The phone itself can also function as a mouse or other small input device for a tablet that is docked to a photoprojection base. The phone is also capable of streaming audio and video, recording to memory or streaming to another PranaNet device.
  • PranaNet Comm: A small clear glass plug or ring worn in the ear, the comm provide voice-interactivity. It can connect to a PranaNet phone to act as an earpiece device for phone calls and the like, or it can connect directly to the campus' PranaNet to allow text or voice messaging comm-to-comm, comm-to-phone or even comm-to-academy eidolon.

Thaumaphoroi Advantages

The following are available only to students of the Academy, or those who have been students in the Academy.

Thaumaphoros Education • General, Ranked

You have attended the Thaumaphoros Academy. For each year in attendance, you may invest 1 Rank in this Advantage. For each rank in this Advantage, you may purchase one of the following benefits:

  • Power Rank limit on a single power is increased to (PL +1) rather than the normal (PL). (This option may only be taken once.)
  • Gain 4 Skill Points to invest into one or two of the following Skills: Expertise, Insight, Investigation, Technology, Treatment, Vehicles
  • Gain 2 Advantage Ranks to invest into one or two of the following Advantages: Assessment, Benefit (Alternate Identity, Cipher, Wealth), Connected, Contacts, Eidetic Memory, Inspire, Inventor, Jack of All Trades, Languages, Leadership, Teamwork, Well-Informed

Thaumaphoros Graduate • General

Prerequisites: Thaumaphoros Education 5+ ranks
You have graduated the Thaumaphoros Academy. Gain all of the following effects:

  • Power Rank limit on a single power is increased by one. If this power limit was already increased via the Thaumaphoros Education Advantage, this may increase that power to (PL +2).
  • Gain 2 Skill rank in any of the Skills associated with Thaumaphoros Education.
  • Gain 1 Advantage rank in any of the Advantages associated with Thaumaphoros Education.