Bodhisattva Mandate

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The Bodhisattva Mandate

The Seers of the Columbia Tetrarchy

The Bodhisattva Mandate is what the Seers of the Columbia Tetrarchy (an area encompassing the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada) refer to their hierarchy. Like all Seer conspiracies, its building blocks are pylons, the Seer equivalent of cabals.

The Bodhisattvas: The Columbia Tetrarchs At the very top of the hieararchy are the Tetrarchs - a trio of Master or even Archmaster Seer Mages who rule the Tetrarchy like virtual god-kings. The Seers believe the Tetrarchs are in direct communion with the Exarchs. Despite this (or perhaps because of it), the Tetrarchs don’t become involved directly very often. They spend most of their time in seclusion and meditation, seeking to understand the Mysteries in order to use them better in those rare moments that the Exarchs call upon them to act directly.

  • The Unshod Shepherd: Paternoster Tetrach; known to be a Daksha.

The Generals: The Worshipful Arhats While the Bodhisattvas commune with the Exarchs, the pylon known as the Worshipful Arhats work at making the commands of the Tetrarchs a reality. They are all powerful and influential Seers, and it is known that when Seers in other pylons reach a certain level of renown and power, they are invited to become one of the Arhats.

The Commanders: The Lieutenants of the Blue Lantern There are two Lieutenants of the Blue Lantern, each the leader of his own pylon. These are the direct assistants and right-hand men of the Worshipful Arhats. These pylons specialize in infiltration and recruitment of mages to the Seers cause, both the newly-Awakened and Order magi.

The two pylons are the Sublime Lotus Canon, who engineered the infiltration and take-over of Seattle, and the Grand Lodge of the Thousand Clouds, a pylon who is doing the same to Portland. Auctorita is part of the Grand Lodge of the Thousand Clouds.

The Commandos: Order of the Earth Gods A few pylons of the Mandate belong to a group called the Order of the Earth Gods. They are all somewhat influential and capable mages in their own right. They are referred to as “knights,” and every story you’ve heard about them seems to indicate that they tend to the sorts of tasks that don’t involve other mages: investigating supernatural phenomena, acquiring new Hallows, recruiting or hunting down other supernatural creatures, and the like.

The Soldiers: The Mandate Pylons The rest of the Seers of the Mandate belong to the rank-and-file pylons. There are two ranks within those pylons: Red Pillars, who are the grunts, and the Fellow-Craft, Seers with more authority and power. There are a few weak pylons made up of nothing but Red Pillars, but most pylons are made up of a core of Fellow-Craft, with a few Red Pillars looking to prove themselves.

The Bodhisattva Pylons

The Seers of the Columbia Tetrarchy

Known Seers

King, Formerly of Adamant Security.