Consilium of the Phoenix

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Sapientia Ex Cineris (Wisdom from the Ashes)

Consilium of New York

Hierarch: Pallia, of Cabal Et Astrum

Councilors: Councilors in the Consilium of the Phoenix represent cabals, rather than Orders, as is so often the case in other Consilii. Each duly acknowledged cabals of the Consilium is responsible for assigning two of their members to serve in governing the city - one as Councilor, and the other as that Councilor's Provost.

Herald: Valdus (Solitary)

Sentinel: Sifu Xia He (Summer Lotus Court)

Curator: Theophrastus (Solitary)

Emissary of the Free Council: Storm (Cabal of the Wandering Star)

Gatherings: The Consilium holds gatherings as they are called for by Hierarch and Council.

Cabals of the Consilium

Because of the power that comes with having a member of one's cabal acting as a Councilor, not all cabals in the city are given the same distinction - or a place among the Councilors. Essentially, two designations have evolved out of the Consilium of the Phoenix's founding: acknowledged cabals and associated cabals. Acknowledged cabals have been recognized by the Council and Hierarch as providing valuable service to the Consilium and its Awakened membership, and are thus given a Council seat, with a Provost to support that Councilor.

But suddenly giving every cabal in the city would be too dangerously chaotic in a newly-founded Consilium. Thus, there are associated cabals - cabals that are part of the Consilium, but unproven. They are cabals that focus their efforts on their own projects and ends, without contributing to the larger Consilium or Awakened population in any way. Associated cabals are given a Provost position with one of the Councilors, who act as the cabal's patron and voice to the rest of the Consilium. Part of this Councilor's responsibility is to guide the cabal towards becoming an acknowledged cabal, suggesting ways in which their talents could be turned to the betterment of the Consilium as a whole. Then, once the cabal becomes acknowledged, their Provost will be elevated to the position of Councilor, and will then choose a Provost second from the ranks of his cabal.

Acknowledged Cabals

  • Cabal Et Astrum: Acknowledged & Founding Cabal. Councilor: Faunus; Provost: Patroclus. The Hierarch's cabal, Cabal Et Astrum is known to have actually been put together by no less than three Hierarchs of different cities, with the express purpose of moving into New York and setting up their power base their. It is generally believed that Cabal Et Astrum maintains its links to these Hierarchs, and may very well continue to take orders from them. Cabal Et Astrum has suffered some infighting of late.
  • The Cabal of the Wandering Star: Acknowledged & Founding Cabal. Councilor: Marbas; Provost: Promachus.

Associated Cabal

  • The Krewe of Pan: Associated Cabal. Provost: Shava. A group of mages from New Orleans, the Krewe of Pan have recently claimed a Hallow and territory in Harlem. They have offered their services to Taboo, though she has hesitations: research reveals that the Krewe of Pan were real trouble-makers in New Orleans, and likely responsible for a lot of violence and mob wars there.
  • Midnight Cantata: Associated Cabal. Provost: Regina. An up-and-coming goth band from California, Midnight Cantata has become quite well-known among the Awakened; not entirely surprising, considering the fact that they are Awakened themselves. A trio made up of Free Council mages, Midnight Cantata’s first album is entitled “Watchtower,” and contains ten songs, one for each of the Arcana. Though some elements of the Orders who know about them claim that they endanger the Awakened with such antics, Midnight Cantata is quick to point out that they actually use symbolism that is meaningful in a variety of occult contexts, not simply that of the Atlantean Orders. Midnight Cantata recently moved their operations to New York.
  • The Summer Lotus Court: Associated Cabal. Provost: Lung Sying. The Summer Lotus Court is the household of Sifu Xia He (Summer Lotus), a Perfected Adept sifu and powerful Obrimos mage from mainland China. The woman she considered a sister was once part of the New York Consilium before the Epulae Consilium, and she has come to investigate and find out what has happened to her. Her household is made up of Xia He's apprentices, Chan Juan (Graceful Moon) and Shu Fang (Gentle Kindness), as well as Lung Sying (Star Dragon), her son, a revered geomancer and Taoist sorcerer, plus Zhi (Orchid), the young Crippled Lotus witch whom the cabal rescued from slavery to vampires in Hong Kong. The Summer Lotus Court intends to act as the wardens of Chinatown here, helping to keep its cultural occult traditions alive and prospering in New York.
  • Temple of Stone: Associated Cabal. Provost: The Erynian. The Temple of Stone is a daughter cabal to the Ebon Noose. Made up of a variety of witches and warlocks trained in the Ebon Noose, the Temple of Stone practices the unique brand of New England witchery taught to them by the cabal of the Nemean, the Hierarch of Boston/Salem. This style epitomizes American witchcraft from the Puritan era, as combined with the practices of the Silver Ladder. They believe in the use of fear as an instrument of rule, and do not hesitate to threaten and even curse those who oppose them. Of course, they are more than capable of backing up their intentions with strong magic or diplomacy, and they know that they can call upon the Nemean and the Ebon Noose for aid as well.

Withdrawn Cabals

  • The Evangelists: Acknowledged & Founding Cabal. Councilor: Marcus; Provost: Jonathan. Originally from the Buffalo/Rochester Consilium, the Evangelists are strong magicians, with a particularly martial aptitude. They gained a reputation for confronting Seers of the Throne in Rochester/Buffalo, and have carried that reputation over into fighting vampires locally.

Consilium Orders

Adamantine Arrow

Adamant Sage: Sifu Xia He (Obrimos)

Banner Wardens: Patroclus (Cabal Et Astrum), Promachus (Cabal of the Wandering Star), Ogun (Krewe of Pan), Chan Juan (Summer Lotus Court), Rodin (Troika)

Free Council

Strategos (Status •••)

Voter (Status •)

Unproven (Status -)

  • None


  • Emissary to the Bronx Assembly: Storm (Cabal of the Wandering Star)
  • Syndic: Storm (Cabal of the Wandering Star), Nexus (Krewe of Pan), Regina (Midnight Cantata)
  • Host: Regina (Midnight Cantata)

Guardians of the Veil

Magister (Status ••••)

  • Troika: Taboo (Moros; Prophet)

Famulus (Status ••)

Neophyte (Status -)


  • Epopt: Taboo
  • Emissary: None
  • Interfector: Taboo
  • Cultor: Taboo, Noah, Thor

The Labyrinth

  • The New York Voudoun Society: An informal gathering of mambos and houngans that get together once a month to discuss issues they may have, compare messages from the lwa and perform magic and rituals away from their congregations. Cultor: Taboo
  • Strong Brotherhood Movement: A fraternal organization made up of the leaders of the African-American community in Manhattan. Strong cultural heritage pursuits. Cultor: Taboo
  • Blessings Worldwide Society: A left-wing philanthropic organization dedicated to providing merciful aid worldwide. Clearly organized along the same lines of the Masons, with degrees of initiation based on contributions distributed to worthy causes. Higher-ranking members are expected to aid lower-ranking members in becoming more successful, in order to enable the lower-ranking members to gain higher rankings. Cultor: Noah
  • Killington Fraternal Circle: The leaders of the Killington Yacht Club in New York, who all swear oaths of brotherhood under a statue of Poseidon. Contains extensive nautical occult symbolism in its rituals. Cultor: Noah
  • Cult of Xiphanos: Cult of personality run by Geenie Montrose, a rich dilettante. It has become quite fashionable among the upper crust in New York, including attracting the interest of several celebrities. Geenie claims to channel messages from the angel Xiphanos, and provides advice and healing to its adherents. Cultor: Noah
  • Steel-Sworn Asatru Brethren: A brotherhood of Asatru from a variety of different Asatru groups in the greater New York area. Considered very elite, becoming one of the Steel-Sworn involves ritual bloodletting and an oath to aid one another. Possesses some racist overtones. Cultor: Thor



  • Curator: Theophrastus
  • Censor: None

Hierophant (Status ••••)

Daduchos (Status ••)

Neokoros (Status -)

Silver Ladder

Deacon: Valdus (Independent; Recovering from Wounds)

Charter Declaration of the Consilium of the Phoenix


Roll of the Dead