The Evangelists

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This cabal is recently arrived from the Buffalo/Rochester Consilium. Made up of a variety of young, brash mages looking to make a name for themselves. Their cabal theme is that of the Four Astrological Beasts: the eagle, the bull, the lion and the man or angel. They are quite martially adept, having been on the forefront of conflicts with the Seers of the Throne and other battles in the past. The Evangelists are polite, suit-wearing, clean cut young men with ties in the local church systems.

Sanctum: The Evangelists are based out of the Sacred Page, Jonathan's book-shop. (Sanctum 6 [Space 4, Security 2], Hallow 2 [Resonance: Learning], Library 5 [Christian lore, Babylonian lore, Irish lore, Atlantean lore, Native American lore])

  • Marcus also maintains a private Sanctum for himself and Lucas in the East Village, as well. (Sanctum 4 [Space 3, Security 1], Library 1 [New York law, history and government])
  • Finally, Matthias maintains his own Sanctum in Little Italy. (Sanctum 4 [Space 2, Security 2])

The Evangelist Rings: The rings that mark the Evangelists are crafted of thaumium by Jonathan (counter-magic pool of 10, 5 Mana capacity), enchanted by Matthias as imbued items (••••• ••; Persistent: Magic Shield 4, Supernal Vision Pot 15; Contingent: Alter Accuracy x4 uses, Armor Piercing x4 uses)



Thyrsus Silver Ladder; Prudence/Greed

Adept, Second Degree

Marcus is the head of the Evangelists. He is a dashing young man who wears a lion-head thaumium ring on his right hand. A Thyrsus of the Silver Ladder, Marcus readily believes that it is the destiny of the Awakened to rule over Sleepers, and to bring them miracles even if they don't know that's what they are. Marcus has already begun involving himself in the public health system of New York. Marcus is an initiate of the Orphans of Proteus legacy as well.

Magic: Gnosis 5; Fate 1, Life 4, Mind 3, Prime 2, Space 2, Spirit 4; Rotes: Life — Body Control (••, Wits + Occult), Enfeeblement (••••, Presence + Intimidation), Many Faces (•••• +Mind •••, Manipulation + Subterfuge), Shapechanging (••••, Presence + Animal Ken), Supreme Honing (••••, Intelligence + Occult); Mind — Inspire (•••, Manipulation + Persuasion); Spirit — Harm Spirit (•••, Presence + Occult)

  • Active (4/4): Ring Spells (Magic Shield 4/Supernal Vision Pot 15), Spirit Tongue/Organic Resilience (Pot 9/2, 1 month, 4 hour ritual), Augment the Mind (Pot 5, 8 days, +3 Presence, 4 hour ritual), Supreme Honing (Pot 10, 1 month, +4 to Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, 4 hour ritual)
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Moros Mysterium; Hope/Lust

Master, First Degree

A Moros of the Mysterium, Johnathan wears an eagle ring made of thaumium on his right hand. A researcher and book-seller, Jonathan's first priority in New York is to establish an Athenaeum, a task that he has already spoken to the other two Mysterium magi of the city about. He has set up his shop, The Sacred Page, in the Lower East Side, the predominantly Jewish section of New York; the Sacred Page also serves as a general Sanctum for the Evangelists as a whole. He is also an initiate of the Stone Scribes legacy, and so sometimes spends his time in the various graveyards around New York.

  • Enhanced light pistol: Dam +7, Rng 20/40/80, Clip 17+1, Dur 8, Siz 1, Str 9

Magic: Gnosis 5; Death 3, Matter 5, Prime 1, Space 2, Time 3; Rotes: Death — Decay (••, Intelligence + Occult), Devouring the Slain (•••, Presence + Empathy); Matter — Detect Substance (•, Intelligence + Investigation), Find the Hidden Hoard (•, Intelligence + Investigation), Unseen Aegis (••, Resolve + Occult), Backbite (•••, Presence + Occult), Forge Thaumium (•••••, Intelligence + Occult); Space — Scrying (••, Intelligence + Occult); Time — Perfect Timing (•, Wits + Occult), Divination (•••, Intelligence + Occult)

  • Active (3/4 - Resolve): Ring Spells (Magic Shield 4/Supernal Vision Pot 15), Find the Hidden Hoard/Unseen Aegis (Pot 5/5, 1 month, 4 hour ritual), Alter Accuracy/Armor Piercing (Pot 1/1, 1 week, 3 uses of each spell, 2 hour ritual on gun)



Obrimos Adamantine Arrow; Charity/Pride

Adept, First Degree

Another Obrimos of the Adamantine Arrow, Matthias wears a thaumium ring with the outline of a winged angel. Matthias spends his time with Jonathan, acting as his bodyguard. When he isn't needed in that capacity, Matthias has begun building contacts in the Italian and Sicilian communities of New York. His attempts at making contacts with the Mafia have been stymied thus far, however. Matthias has an apartment in Little Italy.

  • Perfect Earpiece: •••; Persistent: Receiver, Tune In, Transmission
  • Angel-razor: ••••• ••••• ••; +4L, Dur 5, Siz 1, Str 8; Contingent: Ephemeral Enchantment, Perfect Timing, Glimpsing the Future; Mana: 13
  • Aegis Vest: •••••; Armor 5/5 [8/8]; Persistent: Unseen Shield 3; Mana: 11

Magic: Gnosis 5; Forces 3, Matter 3, Prime 4, Space 2, Time 2; Rotes: Forces — Telekinesis (•••, Dexterity + Athletics), Turn Projectile (•••, Dexterity + Athletics); Matter — Detect Substance (•, Wits + Occult), Alter Accuracy (••, Dexterity + Weaponry), Armor Piercing (•••, Strength + Weaponry), Backbite (•••, Wits + Weaponry); Prime — Celestial Fire (•••, Presence + Intimidation), Phantasmal Weapon (••••, Intelligence + Weaponry), Supernal Dispellation (••••, Strength + Athletics); Space — Moving Target (••• + Time ••, Wits + Streetwise)

  • Active (3/3): Ring Spells (Magic Shield 4/Supernal Vision Pot 15) Earpiece Spells (Receiver Pot 10/Tune In Pot 10/Transmission Pot 10), Aegis Vest Spells (Unseen Shield 3), Celestial Fire (Prepared for 8 days; Pot 5, 10 Lethal damage)