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Consilium of San Francisco
Knowledge is soon changed, then lost in the mist, an echo half-heard.

San Francisco's consilum is a highly informal affair. Its heirarch is largely invisible, and almost never operates on a large social scale, prefering to visit individuals privately to make his wishes known. He does not believe in formal gatherings of the cosilium except in emergencies. Instead, he operate through the Orders of the area. He encourages the cabals to forge allegiances wth one another, and his Councilors often host "salons" in which multiple cabals (many times those who do not know one another, or do only peripherally) are invited for equal parts informal policy discussions and social bonding time. He also shows favor to cabals that go out of their way to host social gatherings of other cabals as well - as a result, San Francisco probably has the strongest aligned member cabals on the West Coast, and possibly in North America.


  • The Gray Gentleman: A mysterious Acanthus magus of the Silver Ladder, the Gray Gentleman is known as a master of the Walker in Mists legacy. He does not keep a regular sanctum or gathering-place, instead asking that various Councilors or cabals host meetings of the Consilium. Despite this informality, he is a deeply effective Hierarch, even sometimes appearing where he is needed most without contact by anyone else. He is a tall, thin Caucasian gentleman who wears razor-edged pressed suits that vary from a very light, pale gray to deep charcoal.


Like many Consilii, the Councilors of the Consilium of the Mists represent their Orders, and are made up exclusively of the leaders of those Orders.

  • Baba Petra: Mysterium Councilor and Curator of the Golden Gate Athenaeum.
  • Ravi: Free Council Emissary to the Consilium of Mists.
  • Cyracordia: Silver Ladder Councilor, Clavicularius, Deacon of the Sierras Diocese.
  • Augustus: Adamantine Arrow Councilor
  • Pantalone: Guardians of the Veil Councilor


  • Seshat, of the Montrose Alliance. She is also a Mysterium Savant in the field of Ancient Calligraphy/Illumination and the Atlantean language.

Cabals of the Consilium

  • The Montrose Alliance:: Multi-Order. A cabal that operates out of central San Francisco. They were united by spiritual forces early in their Awakening that left them with an as-yet unrevealed goal or destiny that they seem to work quietly and steadily towards.
  • The Denizens: Multi-Order. A cabal based out of The Devil's Playground, a San Francisco motorcycle shop by day and biker bar by night.


  • Adamantine Arrow: The Arrow here has formed a small caucus based in the areas around the bay, called the Bay Area Bastion.
  • Free Council: The Free Councilors of San Francisco have formed the Berkeley Assembly, intended simply to keep Free Council traditions in operation, and to organize the efforts of its members. Those cabals who have Free Councilors in their membership are always welcome, but the Assembly is very clear that they do not discuss consilium politics in any capacity here.
  • Guardians of the Veil: The Guardians of the Consilium of the Mists are part of the Caucus Eruditia, a strange order of Guardians local to San Francisco only who identify themselves with roles in the Commedia dell'arte. There are a few who are aligned with Project: Chimera, a larger Guardians Caucus that covers the majority of the rest of north and central California, but they are few in number and dimmed in influence.
  • Mysterium: The Mysterium of San Francisco are the heart of the Golden Gate Caucus, the heart of which is the Golden Gate Athenaeum.
  • Silver Ladder: San Francisco's thearchs are members of the Sierras Diocese, one of the largest Silver Ladder caucuses in the world. covering all of California, Nevada and Arizona.