The Consilium of New Heliopolis

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Consilium of Memphis


  • X: Gnosis 5 Guardian of the Veil Obrimos Subtle One (MTA; Mind/Fate/Space). X (Disciple 4º)


  • X: Gnosis 8 Silver Ladder Obrimos None. X (Archmaster 4º)
  • X: Gnosis 5 Silver Ladder Mastigos Sphinx (L:tA; Fate/-/Mind). X (Adept 3º)
  • X: Gnosis 4 Adamantine Arrow Thyrsus Katsinam Suukya (Summ; Spirit/Life/Life). X (Adept 1º)
  • X: Gnosis 4 Adamantine Arrow Obrimos Brotherhood of the Demon Wind (AA; Time/Space/-). X (Disciple 2º)
  • X: Gnosis 3 Adamantine Arrow Moros The Scarred (Home; Prime/Time/-). X (Disciple 3º)