Feast of Light Guests 519 CR

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Day One: Welcoming the Houses

  • At midday in High Falinthoss, a formal welcome is extended from House Kylervus to all of the guest Houses and representatives.
  • City's guilds are formally presented to the visiting Houses; the Guilds traditionally give gifts to the Houses at this time.
  • Evening Ball, with the Warden's guests and important figures from the city of Taversil

Day Two: Procession & Feast

  • Early Nobles' Hunt
  • At sunset, formal Procession to the Feasting Grounds by the Houses, starting different gates of the city, and leading local heads of house to the Feasting Grounds
  • Welcoming of Households, followed by Feasting & Entertainments

Day Three: Nobles' Retreat

  • Late morning, to account for late-night drinking and carousing
  • At midday, House Kylervus guides its guests to the Gracious Respite, a bathing house outside the city with hot springs, massages, and myriad other relaxations to be had. As the sun sets, those uninterested in more intimate relaxation return to High Falinthoss; others remain behind while paid companions are brought into the Gracious Respite.

House Kylervus

Status 7 • Warden Lords of Three-Rivers
Hosts of the Event, Warden Lord Artoran and his Consort Entonie welcome all of their guests to their seat High Falinthoss, in the city Taversil, for three days of feasting and celebrating the Feast of Light.

Warden Lord Artoran Kylervus
Lord of the House (Status 7; 43 years)
Warden of Three-Rivers
Lady Entonie Kylervus
Lady Consort of House Kylervus (Status 6; 44 years)
Stalwart Sir Mithrad Kylervus
Heir of House Kylervus (Status 5; 24 years)

They are particularly pleased that Sinelle has come home from Crownhold for the festival, and brought her little brother Kedmond with her. Though Sinelle is newly-engaged to a scion of House Vyranthal (Wardens of the Steel Mountains) and has left the Crown's service in preparation for her wedding, Kedmond is just home for the winter. Rumor has that Lord Artoran may be seeking a knight to squire Kedmond to rather than send him back to Crownhold.

Sinelle Kylervus
Thirdborn daughter, handmaid to Crown Evginda Ylrath (Status 3; 18 years)
Kedmond Kylervus
Fourthborn son (12 years), Page at Crownhold

House Durwald

Lady Gemma Durwald
Lady of the House
Worthy Sir Nyle Caeden
Father of the Heir
Lady Indiya Caeden
Sir Nyle's sister
Holy Sir Vericus Valentus
Dean of the Gatekeep Academy
Rowena Livett
Lady Gemma's Crownsmaid
Kalin Cliburn
Academy Instructor & Armsman
Sir Kaevan Moryss
Lady Indiya's guardian
Dame Ysthre Raugynn
Lady Gemma's sworn companion
Herald Deyandar Valsomir
Lady Indiya's guest

House Stannum

Status 5
One of the three vassal guests to the Kylervus Feast of Lights, House Stannum is a staunch supporter of House Kylervus, and are known for their many tin mines (some of which still turn up the occasional vein of silver, but nothing reliable). Ludogranz was a scion of House Stannum – his niece Lady Yndelle rules as its Lady now, and she is known as a capable head of House. Her Consort Eltinos has a bit of a reputation as a rake, although it seems to be a game that pleases his Lady rather than upsetting her. Lady Yndelle's father, Torvyn, is the grim old dowager consort who manages to find fault with everything and everyone – he and Ludogranz were of a generation, and rarely got along.

Yndelle Stannum
Lady of the House (Status 5; 43 years)
Ludogranz's niece
Eltinos Stannum
Consort (Status 4; 41 years)
Torvyn Stannum
Dowager Consort (Status 3; 62 years)
Ludogranz's brother-in-law

Holy Dame Rigelle Stannum, the Heir, was inducted into the Order of the Wisterian Arbor last Summer Court, sponsored by Sir Vericus, so there is close affection between the two of them. Dame Rigelle's younger brother Gryff is also Sir Vericus' squire. Worthy Sir Arginos Semblis is commander of the elite Stannum Silverguard, and the Master at Arms for the House as well; he and Sir Vericus are old rivals, although their rivalry seems to have cooled to fondly held memories of oneupsmanship over the years rather than anything active.

Holy Dame Rigelle Stannum
Heir and firstborn daughter (Status 3; 21 years)
Knight-Sanctified of the Wisterian Arbor
Gryff Stannum
Secondborn son (17 years); Sir Vericus' squire
Worthy Sir Arginos Semblis
Knight of House Stannum (60 years)

Finally, Sir Vericus also has kin here as part of the Stannum retinue. His niece, Erin is Dame Rigelle's sworn companion, and his nephew Priscus (the two are cousins, not siblings) is Master of the Stables for House Stannum, and along to assist with the Stannum travel.

Erin Valentus
Sworn Companion of Holy Dame Rigelle Stannum (19 years), Sir Vericus' niece
Priscus Valentus
Master of the Stannum Stables (37 years), Sir Vericus' nephew

House Segmundus

Status 5
Everyone is somewhat surprised to see Lord Markin at the Feast of Light – he is a new widower, his wife having died just this summer giving birth. Though Lord Markin has always been gentle and quiet, he now has an air of distinct melancholy to him, and has taken to eating and drinking to excess. His brother Timen is his heir and tends to run interference for his brother in social situations. Timen is charming and a hit with lords and ladies alike, without any seeming intention of settling down at all.

Lord Markin Segmundus
Lord of House Segmundus (Status 5; 36 years)
Timen Segmundus
Lord's brother, and heir (Status 4; 32 years)

Other Three-Rivers Great Houses

Sir Causman Bandergaul is the Heir of that wealthy and ancient Great House. Causman has a reputation as a brawler and duelist, and does not seem to respect anyone who does not have a reputation as a fighter. In contrast, Deanta Elmorei is a religious scholar and historian, the heir to her quite-old grandfather Lord Kentry. Deanta is a bit mouse-like, although very sharp in wit and perception – only a fool underestimates her or her influence. Captain Ricandus Mervandil is also an heir, of the mercantile traders House Mervandil. He is the captain of a Mervandil vessel, the Morning Diamond, and he seems to be somewhat belligerently opposed to the presence of the Habersi delegation at this feast.

Sir Causman Bandergaul
Heir of House Bandergaul (Status 5; 31 years)
Deanta Elmorei
Heir and Grand-daughter of House Elmorei (Status 5; 43 years)
Captain Ricandus Mervandil
Heir of House Mervandil
Captain of the Morning Diamond (Status 5; 35 years)

Sir Xavian Raugynn is of course well-known to House Durwald, having been a frequent guest and friend, most recently at the Winter Hunt. Varmor Tanthelver is somewhat of a romantic figure – he is extensively traveled and very skilled in woodslore and playing his bandore, with a singing voice made of pure molten gold.

Sir Xavian Raugynn
Thirdborn Son of House Raugynn (Status 3; 31 years)
Varmor Tanthelver
Secondborn Son of House Tanthelver (Status 4; 26 years)

Delegation of the Habersi Fleet Mavahad

Surprise guests are a delegation of Habersi from the Fleet Mavahad. This is not one of the Fleets that the Three-Rivers has extensive dealings with, and their presence at the Feast of Light is a bit unexpected.

Admiral Nakanta ra'Mavahad
Leader of the Mavahad Habersi Fleet
Captain Ibili che'Mavahad
Captain of the Chakanda
Starwise Aradana che'Mavahad
Admiral's Astrologer
Emre zo'Mavahad