Izumi "Izzy" Paixão

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Izumi "Izzy" Paixão
Parent/Patron: Sarutahiko Okami • Pantheon: Kami • Pronouns: She/Her
Origin Path: Reluctant Chosen (Athletics, Integrity, Occult) • Role Path: Finesse Fighter (Close Combat, Subterfuge, Technology) • Supernatural Path: Child of the Kami (Close Combat, Culture, Persuasion)
Virtues: Sincerity • Right Action
Academics x, Athletics 3 (throwing), Close Combat 5 (capoeira), Culture 3 (street culture), Empathy x, Firearms x, Integrity 2, Leadership x, Medicine x, Occult 3 (spirits), Persuasion 3 (charming), Pilot x, Science x, Subterfuge 3 (sneaking), Survival x, Technology 2
Mental: Intellect 2, Cunning 2, Resolve 3
Physical: Might 5, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4
Social: Presence 3, Manipulation 3, Composure 3
Movement Dice: 8 • Defense: 4 • Initiative: 6
Health: xxx
Attacks: xxx • Armor: xxx
Liminal 1
Connections: xxx
Legendary Titles
Purviews & Boons
Deeds & Bonds
Short Deeds: xxx
Long Deeds: xxx
Band Deeds: xxx
Bonds: xxx


Origin Path: Reluctant Chosen


  • Skills: Athletics, Integrity, Occult

Role Path: Finesse Fighter


  • Skills: Close Combat, Subterfuge, Technology

Supernatural Path: Child of the Kami


  • Skills: Close Combat, Culture, Persuasion


  • Liminal 1: Those that govern boundaries, transitions, and thresholds, both physical and spiritual; great journeys, crossing between states, or venturing “beyond”.


  • Flatlander: When you make a close combat, thrown, or ranged attack, you gain access and 1 Enhancement to apply any of the following Stunts to your action, in additionto the default set:
    • Glimpse the Other Side (any successes above Defense): Make a Clash of Wills. If the target fails, they are stunned or disabled (leaving play entirely) until the start of their next turn. They roll initiative as normal and remain where they were standing on their action. An opponent stunned in this way cannot be targeted by any actions until they reappear.
    • Stutter Time (any successes above Defense): You force the target of your attack to suffer a penalty to their Initiative equal to the successes you spend on this Stunt. This pushes a fast opponent further down the initiative roster. If you are targeting an opponent who has already gone, they take this penalty at the start of the next turn.
    • Bend Space (any successes above Defense): Reduce the target’s range by 1 for each success spent on this Stunt, to a minimum of close, which lasts until the end of the target’s next action.


Master Misogizaru (Guide ••••)

A kami of the mountains who once taught yamabushi the arts of battle, but only if they were purified and tested, Master Misogizaru has agreed to come and visit Izzy occasionally, training and testing her, as a favor to her father, Sarutahiko Ōkami.

Master Misogizaru endlessly despairs of Izzy's refusal to take these things seriously, and has no idea why she feels the need for the absurd fighting style she favors when he is right here with mastery of aikido! Ah well. The young never appreciate.

  • Asset Skills: x, x
  • Guide Stunt (1-4 successes): On a failed check using one of his Asset Skills, spend successes on this stunt and narrate a quick flashback scene of your Guide teaching you to gain an Enhancement bonus equal to the successes spent on attempting that action again. This must be done in your next available action, or you lose this invocation.
  • Calling: x
  • Purview: x