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Jarvin "The Scalefist" Bealyx
Race: Dragonborn (Green), Class: Barbarian 8th (Path of Wild Soul)
Background: Criminal, Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Patron Deity: None
Factions: The Zhentarim
Ability Scores
Strength 23*/16 (+6/+3), Dexterity 14 (+2), Constitution 16 (+3);
Intelligence 12 (+1), Wisdom 15*/10 (+2/0), Charisma 9 (-1)
Bonus: +3
Saving Throws: STR & CON
Skills: Athletics (+9), Deception (+2), Insight (+5), Intimidation (+2), Nature (+4), Perception (+8), Stealth (+5), Survival (+8)
Tools: Thieves' Tools (+5)
Languages: Common, Auld Wyrmish
Armor: Light, Medium, Shields
Weapons: Simple, Martial

Breath Weapon: DC 14 Con Save, 3d6, Poison, 1x/SR, hits all in 15' cone, save is half damage
Greatsword: +9, 2d6+6 Slashing (2d6+8 when raging), Heavy, Two Handed
Longsword +1: +10, 1d8+7 Slashing (1d8+9 when raging), Versatile (2-handed: 1d10+7 Slashing, 1d10+9 when raging)
Greataxe: +9, 1d12+6 Slashing (1d12+8 when raging), Heavy, Two Handed

Armor Class: 17 (Half Plate), Initiative: +2, Speed: 40 ft
Hit Points: 102, Hit Dice: 8d12+5

Personality Traits: •I know what the fuck I'm doing. Get off my tail before I eat your nose.

•"Pretty" doesn't equal "good". The uglier someone is, the more I trust them. •You can assume I'm stupid because I'm big. That's on you.

  • Kids get a pass with me. I lost my childhood, I'm not inflicting that upon them.
    Ideals: Freedom. I'd rather die than be under someone's thumb, and I'll kill anyone who tries to do that to someone just because they think they can. (Chaotic)
    Bonds: I've lost people because I didn't act, and I will not make that mistake again.
    Flaws: I don't do complicated plans. Just tell me what needs to be hit, where, and when. Otherwise, I'll figure out what needs to be hit and where, and do it right then.

Men are naturally barbarians, and that will remain forever. The passion, the love, and the lust is intensifying with time. - Fawad Khan


Racial Traits

+2 STR, +1 CHA

Poison Breath Weapon:

  As an action, I exhale destructive energy in a 15 ft cone.
  All in the area must make a Con saving throw with DC 8 + Con modifier + prof bonus. (DC 13)
  It does 2d6 poison damage, half as much damage on a successful save.
  The damage increases to 3d6 at level 6, 4d6 at level 11, and 5d6 at level 16.
  I can't use this feature again until I finish a short rest.

Class Traits

Rage (Barbarian 1, PHB 48) [+2 melee damage, 4× per long rest]

  Start/end as bonus action; add damage to melee weapons that use Str; lasts 1 min. 
  Adv. on Strength checks/saves (not attacks); resistance to bludgeoning/piercing/slashing/
  Stops if I end turn without attacking or taking damage since last turn, or unconscious

Unarmored Defense (Barbarian 1, PHB 48)

  Without armor, my AC is 10 + Dexterity modifier + Constitution modifier + shield

Survival Instincts (Barbarian 2, UA: CFV 1)

  I gain proficiency and expertise with two skills of my choice (Perception and Survival)

Reckless Attack (Barbarian 2, PHB 48)

  Advantage on melee weapon attacks during my turn
  Advantage against me on attacks by opponents until next turn

Feral Instinct (Barbarian 7, PHB 46)

  By 7th level, your instincts are so honed that you have advantage on initiative rolls.
  Additionally, if you are surprised at the beginning of combat and aren't incapacitated, you can act normally on your first turn, but only if you enter your rage before doing anything else on that turn.

Lingering Magic (Path of the Wild Soul 3) [CON modifier (3x) per long rest]

  I can cast Detect Magic without spell slots or components, using CON for spellcasting
  When I do so, the force lines on my skin and my acid puffs change color corresponding with the school of magic I detect:
  • Abjuration - Gold
  • Conjuration - Dark green
  • Divination - White
  • Enchantment - Silver
  • Evocation - Red
  • Illusion - Oil-slick rainbow swirl
  • Necromancy - Black
  • Transmutation - Blue

Magic Reserves (Path of the Wild Soul 6) (3 points)

  At 6th level, you can channel the magic surging inside you into other creatures. You have a pool of magical energy that replenishes when you take a long rest. 
  The amount of energy in the pool is equal to half your barbarian level (rounded up).
  As an action, you can touch a creature and expend energy from the pool to restore one of the creature's expended spell slots, expending an amount of energy equal to the slot level.
  You cannot restore a spell slot of 6th level or higher, and a creature can only have a single spell slot restored to it once per long rest.
  Alternatively, when you use this feature and expend energy, the creature instead gains temporary hit points equal to five times the amount of energy expended, up to a maximum of 25 temporary hit points.

Wild Surge (Path of the Wild Soul 3)

  Whenever I enter my rage, I have to roll on the Wild Surge Rage table to determine the magical effect produced.
  If the wild surge requires a saving throw, the DC is 8 + Proficiency + CON (DC 13)
  Duration - Some surges have a Persistent duration, which are active as long as I am raging, and end when my rage ends. Only one Persistent effect can be active at a time; if I trigger another surge and another Persistent effect occurs, it replaces the old one.
  Unstable Rage - Whenever I take damage, I roll a d20. A wild surge occurs if the roll is equal to or less than half the damage taken. Once a surge occurs in this way, another one cannot occur until the start of my next turn.
  Directed Chaos - When I roll on the Wild Surge table, I can change the results of the roll by 1 in either direction, as long as I have triggered that effect before (minimum 1, maximum 20)
  Once I use this, I cannot do so again until I finish a rest (short or long)

Wild Surge Table

1. You unleash an explosion in a 20-foot radius centered on yourself. Creatures in the area, including you, must make a Dexterity saving throw, and you roll a number of d10s equal to your Rage Damage. A creature takes fire damage equal to the total on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

2. (Persistent) You teleport up to 20 feet to an unoccupied space you can see. Until your rage ends, you can activate this effect again on each of your turns as a bonus action.

3. Energy floods into your body. You can immediately take one additional action, which can only be used to take the Attack or Dash action.

4. (Persistent) Plant life temporarily grows around you: the ground within 10 feet of you is difficult terrain, and you do not suffer penalties to your movement to move through it.

5. Healing energy radiates from you. Roll a number of d12s equal to your Rage Damage. You restore up to the total as hit points, divided as you choose among any number of creatures that you can see within 30 feet of you.

6. (Persistent) You are borne aloft. You gain a flying speed equal to your walking speed.

7. You conjure 1d4 intangible spirits (resembling flumphs) in unoccupied spaces within 30 feet of you. Each spirit immediately flies 30 feet in a random direction. At the end of your turn, all spirits explode. Roll a number of d8s equal to your Rage Damage. Each creature within 5 feet of one or more of the spirits must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take force damage equal to the total.

8. (Persistent) Light bends around you. You and anything you are wearing or carrying becomes invisible. This effect ends early when you attack.

9. A beam of brilliant light lances from your chest in a line 5-feet-wide and 60-feet-long. Roll a number of d8s equal to your Rage Damage. Each creature in the line must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or take radiant damage equal to the total and be blinded until the start of your next turn.

10. (Persistent) Shadows weave around a weapon of your choice you are holding. Until your rage ends, your weapon deals psychic damage instead of its bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing damage, and it gains the light and thrown properties with a normal range of 20 feet and a long range of 60 feet. If you drop the weapon or throw it, the weapon dissipates and reappears in your hand at the end of your turn.

11. Necrotic energy bursts from you. Roll a number of d6s equal to your Rage Damage. Each other creature within 30 feet of you takes necrotic damage equal to the total, and you gain temporary hit points equal to the damage dealt +1/creature beyond the 1st of the necrotic damage dealt to the creatures.

12. (Persistent) Arcane energy enshrouds you. Until your rage ends, you gain a +2 bonus to AC, and whenever a creature within 10 feet of you hits you with an attack, that creature takes force damage equal to two times your Rage Damage.

13. Strong winds blast out from you. Each creature within 10 feet of you must succeed on a Strength saving throw or be pushed away from you a number of feet equal to five times your Rage Damage, and then fall prone.

14. (Persistent) Your body becomes wreathed in flames. You shed bright light in a 30-foot radius and dim light for an additional 30 feet, and your melee attacks deal an additional amount of fire damage equal to your Rage Damage. If another creature touches you or hits you with a melee attack while within 5 feet of you, roll a number of d4s equal to your Rage Damage. That creature takes fire damage equal to the total.

15. Your visage becomes terrifying. Creatures within 30 feet of you must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or become frightened of you until the end of your next turn.

16. (Persistent) Your eyes can pierce through illusions. You gain truesight to a range of 60 feet.

17. Arcane energy taps into the minds of those around you. Each creature within 30 feet of you must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw, or you see a glimpse of the creature’s thoughts, learning how it plans to attack you. As a result, the creature has disadvantage on attack rolls against you until the start of your next turn.

18. (Persistent) Your body can move much faster than usual. Your movement speed increases by 10 feet, and your movement doesn't provoke opportunity attacks.

19. You disrupt magic around you. Creatures within 30 feet of you that are concentrating on a spell must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or lose concentration on the spell. The DC is equal to 10 + the spell's level.

20. (Persistent) Your become the center of a storm. Once per turn, when you successfully hit a creature with a melee attack, lightning leaps from your weapon to another creature of your choice within 30 feet. Roll a number of d6s equal to your Rage Damage. The target creature must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or suffer lightning damage equal to the total.

Specialty Traits

Klauth's Mark

  Provides fire resistance as an action
  Lasts CON/CHA bonus rounds (whichever is higher) (3 rounds)
  Requires long rest before use again

Cult Assistance

  Show mark made by Klauth to smithies/leatherworkers with the hidden mark on their door
  They will lend aid if possible

Concentrated Attack (Rank 1 Exploit)

  When you hit a creature with a melee attack using a weapon, your attack deals an extra 1d10 damage.
  Additionally, one ally within 50 feet of you who can see or hear you can use their reaction to make a weapon attack
  against the target with a +2 bonus to the attack roll. On a hit, your ally’s attack deals an extra 1d4 damage.

Background Traits

Criminal Contact: I have a reliable and trustworthy contact who acts as my liaison to a network of other criminals. I know how to get messages to and from my contact, even over great distances; specifically, I know the local messengers, corrupt caravan masters, and seedy sailors who can deliver my messages.

Faction Traits: Zhentarim (Rank 2)

Current Renown: 5 (Rank 3 @ 10 renown)

  • Secret Missions: You may now occasionally be assigned secret missions that you are required to fulfill. Though you do not have a sponsor any longer, you are part of a pyramid of operatives, and the assignment may come down from any part of that chain above you. Though you may not be required to accept the mission, they are often the most reliable way to continue advancing in the organization.
  • Flying Snake: You are granted a flying snake. During a long rest, it becomes accustomed to you and stays near you at all times. Its only benefit is to deliver written missives or small bags (with single gems or a few coins). During a short rest, you can write a message and release your flying snake, which will fly back to a single central point, usually to the handler where you got the snake from. Flying snakes can fly 72 miles per day. If you will be in the same place, the snake can be sent back to you. Alternately, you can simply pick another one up at a Zhentarim stronghold elsewhere.
  • Operating Capital Loans: By this point, you are expected to manage your finances and accomplish things on behalf of the faction based on your own prosperity. That said, this is not always possible. You have the option of sacrificing a point of your Zhentarim renown to gain funds for a Zhentarim project. This amount is 300gp plus 100gp per your rating in Zhentarim renown before you sacrifice the point. If you pay the loan back, you may recover the point of renown; there is no requirement that you do so, however. You will not be able to use this feature again, in either case, until your renown is at least one point higher than it was before you made the sacrifice.
  • Lifestyle Increase: Money travels up the chain in the Zhentarim, and you are expected to show the coin of your success to your superiors, to help finance their endeavors. Your Lifestyle costs increase by 1gp per tenday (or 3gp per month).
  • Mercenaries: Because Zhentarim plans may require some extra muscle, you have the right to requisition a small group of Zhentarim mercenaries. You may keep them for up to a month, without charge; when you do so, you may receive one guard for every point of renown you have above 2. You may trade in two of these mercenaries to gain a veteran, though you can only do this once. These mercenaries work for one of your superiors, but are willing to follow you during that time.
  • Trained in Terror: Zhentarim train their agents to invoke fear in others. You become proficient in the Intimidation skill. If you already have this skill, choose another skill from your class list options instead.
  • Tool Training: You may go to the faction for training in useful tools. When you take the Training downtime action to gain proficiency with the disguise kit, forgery kit, poisoner's kit, or thieves' tools, you may do so at half the time and cost.


Tough (PHB, pg. 170) (Level 8) - Your hit point maximum increases by an amount equal to twice your level when you gain this feat. Whenever you gain a level thereafter, your hit point maximum increases by an additional 2 hit points.


  • Coins: 440 cp • 240 sp • 0 ep • 735 gp • 0 pp • Other coins: x
  • Gems: x

Magic Items

  • Shadowfell Brand Tattoo (TCE p. 134)
    • Tattoo Attunement To attune to this item, you hold the needle to your skin where you want the tattoo to appear, pressing the needle there throughout the attunement process. When the attunement is complete, the needle turns into the ink that becomes the tattoo, which appears on the skin.
      • If your attunement to the tattoo ends, the tattoo vanishes, and the needle reappears in your space.
    • Shadow Essence You gain darkvision with a range of 60 feet, and you have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks.
    • Shadowy Defense When you take damage, you can use your reaction to become insubstantial for a moment, halving the damage you take. Then the reaction can't be used again until the next sunset.
  • Septum Ring of Insight
    • Your Wisdom score is 15 while you wear this circlet. You also gain proficiency in one of the following skills: Insight or Medicine. This item has no effect if your Wisdom is greater than 15 and you are already proficient in these skills.
      • Increased Wisdom from 10 to 15
      • Proficiency in Insight
  • Gauntlets of Ogre Power
    • Your Strength score is 19 while you wear these gauntlets. They have no effect on you if your Strength is already 19 or higher without them.
      • Increased Strength from 16 to 19


Carried Equipment

  • In Hand: Longsword +1
  • Worn: Greatsword (on back), Giantcraft Greataxe (on back), javelin case (on back), black jacket with sleeves ripped off, half-plate armor, black pants tucked into Boots of the Winterlands, Septum Ring of Insight
  • Belt: Belt of Stone Giant Strength, Shortsword (in scabbard on left hip), coin purse, waterskin
  • Backpack: Bedroll, Mess kit, tinderbox, torches (9), rations (9 days), 50' hemp rope, crowbar

Stored Equipment

  • none


  • Poor: (2 sp/day)

Faction & Organization Lore



The following are locations and people you know are associated with the Darburl, and to whom you can go should you be in the area. Other areas may have Darburl representatives, but they are not currently known to you. (Mothers & Fathers are leaders in the organization; Aunts & Uncles are lieutenants, each usually with a specialty of some kind.)

  • The Delimbiyr Vale: Daggerford: Mother Arcric, the halfling barkeep at Tyrmora's Cup.
    • Nightstone: Uncle Dunlis Arcri, stablemaster at the inn in Nightstone.
  • The Dessarin Valley: Westbridge: Father Thentilyr, a half-orc who runs a local slaughterhouse
    • Triboar: Aunt Klethja Thentilyr, a gnome farmer at the Goldshine Farm, who specializes in recruitment.
    • Yartar: Uncle Discretion Thentilyr, a tiefling fence and smuggler, who operates a message and package courier service
  • The Sword Mountains: Leilon: Mother Thentilyr, a dwarf woman who runs an eatery
    • Waterdeep: Aunt Alindue Thentilyr, a festhall opera singer who specializes in contacts
  • The Silver Marches & Delzoun: Everlund: Mother Dlarhund, a genderfluid half-elf innkeep
    • Sundabar: Uncle Kentar Dlarhund, a dwarven washerman
  • Neverwinter Wood: Helm's Hold: Father Dlarhund, a rotund human fighter who teaches combat skills
  • The Frozenfar: Mirabar: Father Arcri, a young human finesmith



Zhentarim NPCs
The following are locations with Zhentarim holdings, including a leader of at least Rank 3 stationed there.

  • Anaruoch: The Black Road, a trade route entirely owned by the Zhentarim, used for trade between the North and other parts of Faerûn without having to pass through the Western Heartlands.
  • Delimbiyr Vale: Loudwater: The current High Lord of the town is a well-paid agent of the Zhentarim who maintains the Network's interests there. The Zhentarim has ample forces in Loudwater, but it keeps them hidden away, both disguised in-town, and in out-of-the-way wilderness outposts.
    • Daggerford: The Snail, found at one of the local taverns, is the main Zhentarim operative in Daggerford.
    • Nightstone: The Seven Serpents, a small troop of specialist mercenaries, have been hired to patrol the wilderness around Nightstone.
  • Dessarin Valley: Bargewright Inn: The closest thing the Zhentarim has to a central headquarters in the North. The inn itself is a Zhentish holding, although that ownership is kept subtle. Show Zhent coins for free room and board.
    • Rassalantar: The innkeep of the Sleeping Dragon inn is a Network agent and provides aid to his fellows.
    • Triboar: Triboar Travelers is operated by a member of the Network, and flies the Zhentarim sigil openly upon its sign.
    • Yartar: The Black Network has a coster-house and barracks here, doing business with merchants. They also have inroads with the local thieves guild, the all-female Hand of Yartar.
  • The Fallen Lands: The villages where the Black Road out of Anauroch enters the North (Parnast, Llorkh, Orlbar) are all Zhentarim-controlled, by and large (though the control is more or less overt, depending on the site).
  • Silver Marches: Everlund: The northernmost Zhentarim outpost, in the form of a coster-house and mercenary barracks.
  • Sword Mountains: Waterdeep: Several groups of Zhentarim operate out of Waterdeep. The public face for the Network are the Doom Raiders, a band of adventurers who also act as defacto leadership for the merchant and mercenary bands. There is also a more secretive faction within the Zhentarim who operate on their own, eschewing connections to the Doom Raiders and the rest of the organization.
  • Western Heartlands: Baldur's Gate: The city contains a major Zhentarim mercenary and coster holding in the city, defensible, with barracks space
    • Darkhold, the central operational citadel for the Zhentarim, is in the Far Hills. It is home to many of its leaders and top operatives.


Jarvin never really gave a flying fuck about his family's "honor" or "upholding their name" bullshit. The fucking "metal dragons" beat the shit out of him because he was chromatic. They did it to all the chromies. His clutchmates got the same treatment, but because they believed in the hype, they submitted to it and tried to just ignore it. He tried to do the same, but after his best friend Selamitis's head was removed during a "lesson" because he didn't intervene, he vowed that anyone who tried to "teach him a lesson" was going to get one of their own.

A lot of his attitude about familial honor meaning piss-all came from an event as a hatchling. When he was a wee four-year-old, he fell asleep inside a caravan wagon while cleaning it, and the wagon was picked up by Klauth, the great wyrm of the North. Jarvin never really liked heights, and he knew he was going to be yelled at by the gold dragonborn who'd put him to work, so he wasn't happy about what happened. When Klauth clawed open the roof of the caravan and stuck his nose in to see what was inside, Jarvin balled up his little fists and bopped the dragon on the nose, yelling "PUT ME BACK".

The old wyrm laughed heartily at how earnest and brave the little dragonling was, and took him under his wing. He told his worshippers the young dragonborn was to be taught the ways of magic, but after a few had been burnt to a crisp for failing to do so, Klauth, now known as "Uncle Snarl" to the little dragonborn (and only to him), decided to teach him how to fight instead. The stronger worshippers taught the youngling how to punch, kick, and fight dirty, and Jarvin took to this with ease. He grew in strength as well as in boldness, and Klauth saw that he would someday become a great warrior.

Nearly a year later, Klauth decided it was time for the young dragonborn to return to his family, he held a great ceremony with his followers. They had successfully raided another red dragon's lair and stolen 2 of their prized eggs. The first was used in a ritual to increase Klauth's life force, while the second, a nearly-born red dragon, was broken open and drained of its blood and stripped of its scales. Klauth used his claw to carve a sigil of his patronage into Jarvin's chest, then painted with the blood and scales from the dead wyrmling. Klauth was impressed the young dragonborn did not cry out or moan during the ritual (though Jarvin later spent many days crying in pain once Uncle Snarl was out of sight). He then flew Jarvin to a point outside of Mithral Hall, where he dropped him off and pointed him to the dwarvenhold. "Show your mark to the dwarves, and tell them that I order them to deliver you home." Jarvin patted Uncle Snarl on the snout, said thank you, and walked to the Hall. When he showed his mark, the dwarves gawped at him, then ran inside to gather supplies and such for the trip.

Eventually, Jarvin told everyone to piss off when he turned 13 and got big enough to turn the metal's attacks against them consistently. No one, not a single fucking adult, backed him up, not even his parents. When his friend Syrial and he had refused to clear the silver dragonborns' steps of snow in the winter, she was held down and her head was slowly cut off in front of Jarvin to teach him a lesson. As a result of this, the following summer he packed up his clothes and ran from the clutch. A couple of days later, the bodies of five silver dragonborn were discovered, and their eyes had been removed. Shortly thereafter, a flagon of water was discovered that contained the missing eyes.

He spent a couple of years on the streets living rough, getting into fights and using his brawn and ability to breathe poison at folks to scrabble up money and food. Soon enough, Old Kickel took him into his gang as a rough, and he started guarding Kickel and the faster, smaller ones, like Heidi the Dyke and Strop. Him and Shayel did all the heavy lifting when needed. He didn't need armor, he was tougher than that. Hell, he didn't need a weapon either, though when he got his hands on a greatsword after beating the shit out of a couple of "guards" during a heist, he didn't hesitate to figure out the balance of it so he could start applying extra force when someone refused to give their shit up.

Then, he fucked up. Hard. Got greedy while backing up Kickel and Heidi while raiding some magician's house and saw a ring that looked really cool. He could tell it probably could do some stuff, so he grabbed it and put it in his coat pocket. When he got back to his hidey-hole, he put it on, and everything went fucking berserk. His brain felt like it was being squeezed, his arm went hot, cold, numb, all electric, and his guts were being moved around without his permission. This... this PISSED HIM OFF. He'd never felt anger like this before. His vision went black, and he started screaming and punching and kicking and knocking everything around him. He was not in control, but he loved feeling like he was beating the shit out of this thing purely through spite.

When things were said and done, his arm had patterns of glowing lines in various colors, his coat was in tatters, all his shit was broken, he was breathing heavy, and when he looked in a mirror, his eyes had gone pure black, except for a ring of the prior green they'd been around the edges and around the iris.

He looked badass. He needed to take this shit on the road to see what he could do now.

When he went to let Old Kickel and the rest of the gang know of his intent, the old man tried to forbid him from leaving, citing what he'd done to keep him alive and bring him back. After some back and forth, in which the rest of the gang involved themselves, Scalefist felt the rage swell up in him, and he mentally blacked out. When he came to, Vanela's head had been sliced in two, Heidi and Old Kickel were bleeding and screaming for the rest of the gang to attack, and the lair was smashed to bits. He decided retreat was the best option, and he ran for the hills.

Important Individuals

  • Old Kickel, leader of Underside Bugbears
  • Heidi the Dyke, 2nd in command
  • Shayel, the other Heavy
  • Baz Landen, the "face" of the group
  • Biddie Softfoot, the intel-gatherer
  • Strop, the fence