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A fixer is a general contact-person between different parties for nefarious or criminal purpose. A fixer connects the assassin and their next contract, hooks up a smuggler with someone wanting to buy their cargo, and finds the illegal gear you've been itching to get your hands on.

Hosk An'Sei
Halo Station Fixer
Grumpy and stodgy, Hosk is the main fixer aboard Halo Station. He has worked there for years in this capacity, and everyone seems to know him and owe him something. This hasn't stopped the Empire from rounding him up for questioning when the situation has warranted it in the past, but he has always walked out of those offices without a mark on him.


Infochants are dealers in information, sellers of secrets, and professional gossips. They maintain extensive contact networks who know what's going on...and if they don't know, they can probably find out, for the right price.

Japenda Imi Gask
Lounge Singer & Professional Gossip
Flirtateous and vivacious, Japenda knows everyone who is worth knowing...and that includes some folks in the darkest shadows. She is a lounge singer for various cantinas around Halo Station, sometimes even performing up on the Promenade. The Harch songstress never appears to show up with bodyguards or weapons, although rumors say that she's got guardians – it's just that nobody can see them.