Liminal Sidhe Courts

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The Summer Court

Brave and noble are the fey of the Summer Court, for they are beautiful creatures of tales of heroism and battle. With the sun on their brows, Summer Court fey are those that inspire and laud others, and whose words encourage others to greater heights of glory.

Archfey of the Summer Court

  • The Sun-Stag: A mighty stag whose antlers and body are filigreed with bright gold that gleams in the sunlight, the Sun-Stag is renowned as a source of bravery and courage.
  • Authlim: Called the "Light of Battle", Authlim appears as an elfin knight clad in gleaming crystalline armor, his mail splitting all light that touches it into a thousand brilliant diamond shards. He wields a great blade.
  • Lord of Lions: A leonine archfey whose entourage is a great pride of pure white lions with golden eyes.

Sidhe Houses of the Summer Court

  • Xxx: x

The Gloaming Court

In the shadows dwell the fey of the Gloaming Court, creatures of autumnal fear and the dread of death in the deep earth. Fey of the Gloaming Court are masters of poison and fear, of seduction and obsession, as well as being creature of the deep earth and shadowy swamps.

Archfey of the Gloaming Court

  • Little Grandmother: The Great Hag is one of the foremost of the Gloaming Archfey, a witch-queen that demands nothing from her servants save respect and solitude.
  • Carchgorgor: A massive swamp-dwelling serpent, the Fang of Fear's venom creates terrible hallucinations and night-terrors.
  • Whispershade: A tall and handsome eladrin of dark features, Whispershade is a Gloaming archfey who steals the shadows of the unwary. He then affixes these shadows to himself, giving him a literal host of shadows cast behind him, each eager to serve and obey him.

Sidhe Houses of the Gloaming Court

  • Xxx: x

The Winter Court

Cold and arch are the fey of the Winter Court, entities of chill beauty and ice-edged pride. Fey of the Winter Court are all touched in cold - both in hand and heart - and their anger is the sharp crack of ice echoing in the winter night.

Archfey of the Winter Court

  • Prince of Frost: x
  • Blackfingers: Predatory and terrifying, Blackfingers is a troll-like creature whose extremities are touched black with frostbite. Its breath coats everything around it in frost, and its loves nothing better than taking great, gulping bites out of frozen flesh.
  • Steward of Blizzards: A mighty owl the size of a man, the Steward of Blizzards rides forever in the heart of powerful winter storms. It is not known whether she simply cannot exist outside of them, or if blizzards simply always exist around her, but she has never been seen outside of such a storm.

Sidhe Houses of the Winter Court

  • Xxx: x

The Green Court

Vibrant and robustly alive are the fey of the Green Court, embodying equally the tall pride of the solemn oak, the wicked beauty of the thorned rose, and the gentle nature of the simple dandelion. Fey of the Green Court are often somewhat primal and tied to plants in some way.

Archfey of the Green Court

  • The Hedgerider: She who walks the boundaries between wild places and cultivated lands, a dancing witch who lightly springs back and forth between boundaries (even, it is said, those of the planes themselves). The Hedgerider is a queen of witches, fond of swearing warlocks from the mortal realms in fey pacts. She is said to ride a chariot wrought of thorny, still-living hedgeplant (holly in the winter, blackthorne in the summer), pulled by one black fox and one white fox.
  • Huntsman O'the Green: Feared by those who hear his far-off hunting horn, the Huntsman leads a great hunting pack of massive, bull-sized blink dogs. The sidhe who encounter the Green Hunt have one of two experiences: they either become its prey if they are found wanting (as Unseelie and similar folk often are), or they are transformed into hounds to hunt until he no longer has need of them.
  • Pânornus: The great All-Tree of the Feywild, a miles-high tree of such pervasive power that it is one of the archfey. It is a twining, great braided thing, its trunks striated barks of all kinds, from which grow branches that bear the leaves of every kind of tree ever known. Though it does not move, Pânornus' roots are tied to the roots of every tree in the Feywild (and, some say, all the planes as well).

Sidhe Houses of the Green Court

  • Xxx: x

The Moon Court

The Moon Court is the home of wild things, of beasts and the mad. Fey with strong animal features and bestial natures are often part of the Moon Court, although those who share in the mysterious nature of the moon, mastering magics of divination, illusion and enchantment, can also be found among its folk.

Archfey of the Moon Court

  • Rexfelis: The Lord of Cats is the master of cats everywhere, and his great feline entourage is a wonder to behold.
  • Lindhal Silvereye: Using an ancient fey title (lindhal, which is a form of address analagous to "lord" or "lady" save that it denotes one who shifts between genders fluidly), Silvereye is a shapeshifting, illusion-weaving archfey of fearful provenance. They weave love-glamours and enchantments that cause intoxication and madness.
  • The Wolf-Seer: A renowned prophet and seer, the Wolf-Seer is a mighty wolf the size of a lion who emerges only when the moon is full. She stares up into the vastness of the full moon, and her attendants listen closely to her mutterings of the future.

Sidhe Houses of the Moon Court

  • Xxx: x

The Sea Court

Passionate and distant at the same time, those who swear fealty to the Sea Court live beside the sea, or under it. Fey with strong aquatic themes, whether they are fishfolk that dwell beneath the waves, or sirens who call sailors to their deaths, belong to this court.

Archfey of the Sea Court

  • The Shepherd of Waves: x
  • Lady Abyss: x
  • Taerun'aedys: x

Sidhe Houses of the Sea Court

  • Xxx: x