Minah's Log

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Day one -- research on space travel.

By installing a rare magical helm chair in an ordinary ship we will be able to fly through the sky. Others have visited our ports in the past but were informed enough to list other ports of origin in our world.

Ships travel quickly through the space between celestial spheres called the void or the sea of Philosogen. Spheres contain the sun and surrounding planets. It can take months to travel within a sphere. Most spheres have their own set of deities which can cause problems for clerics, although Selune reigns over space and spelljamming (flying ships with a caster's magic) so she is worshiped in most spheres.

Our sphere is called Pherune. It was previously ruled by the Shou Empire and the Elves of Evermean who command a fleet of renowned. There are also Nieogi, Illithid, various beholder trives, and dwarves. The dwarves reside in the tears of Selune.