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  • Calling: X; Nature: X; Pantheon: X; Patron: X
  • Attributes: Str X, Dex X, Sta X; Cha X, Man X, App X; Per X, Int X, Wits X
  • Abilities: Academics X, Animal Ken X, Art (X) X, Athletics X, Awareness X, Brawl X, Command X, Control (X) X, Craft (X) X, Empathy X, Fortitude X, Integrity X, Investigation X, Larceny X, Marksmanship X, Medicine X, Melee X, Occult X, Politics X, Presence X, Science (X) X, Stealth X, Survival X, Thrown X
  • Birthrights: Creature X, Follower X, Guide X, Relic X
  • Epic Attributes & Knacks: X
  • Purviews & Boons: X
  • Willpower: X; Virtues: X
  • Legend: X; Legend Points: X
  • Join Battle: [Wits + Awareness]; Soak: XB/XL/XA (Armor: +XB/+XL, Mob X, Fat X); Dodge DV: [Dex + Athletics + Legend/2]; Move: [Dex]; Dash: [Dex+6]; Jump: [Str+Athletics] yds vertical, [Str+Athletics x2] yds. Horizontal; Lift: 40/80/220/350/450/550/650/800/1000/1200/1400/1600/1800/2000/2200/2500/3000/3500/4000/4500
  • Attacks: Weapon (Spd X, Acc X, Dam X, DV X, Rng X, Clip X), Weapon (Spd X, Acc X, Dam X, DV X, Rng X, Clip X)
  • Health Levels: -0 / -1 / -1 / -2 / -2 / -4 / Inc.
  • Other Notes: X


Architect, Autocrat, Bravo, Caregiver, Competitor, Cynic, Fanatic, Gallant, Gambler, Judge, Libertine, Loner, Pacifist, Pedagogue, Penitent, Perfectionist, Rebel, Rogue, Survivor, Traditionalist, Trickster, Visionary

Virtue Sets

  • Aesir: Courage X, Endurance X, Expression X, Loyalty X
  • Amatsukami: Duty X, Endurance X, Intellect X, Valor X
  • Atzlanti: Conviction X, Courage X, Duty X, Loyalty X
  • Dodekatheon: Expression X, Intellect X, Valor X, Vengeance X
  • Loa: Harmony X, Order X, Piety X, Vengeance X
  • Pesedjet: Conviction X, Harmony X, Order X, Piety X
  • Titan: Ambition X, Malice X, Rapacity X, Zealotry X

Epic Attributes

  • Epic Strength X (+1/+2/+4 yd to jumping/FOS throwing; thrown wpn range x2/x4/x8; +500/+1000/+2000 lbs to lift; Crushing Grip, Holy Bound, Holy Rampage, Hurl to the Horizon, Uplifting Might); Epic Dexterity X (+1/+2/+4 yd Move; +2/+4/+8 yd Dash; +1/+2/+4 DV; Cat’s Grace, Lightning Sprinter, Monkey Climber, Trick Shooter, Untouchable Opponent); Epic Stamina X (-1/-2/-4 to wound pen; +1/+2/+4 soaks; +1/+2/+3 Agg soak; Damage Conversion, Holy Fortitude, Inner Furnace, Self-Healing, Solipsistic Well-Being)
  • Epic Charisma X (Benefit of the Doubt, Blessing of Importance, Charmer, Inspirational Figure, Never Say Die); Epic Manipulation X (Blurt It Out, Gods’ Honest, Overt Order, Stench of Guilt, Takes One to Know One); Epic Appearance X (Reroll Presence 1/2/3 per scene; Center of Attention, Come Hither, Dreadful Mien, Lasting Impression, Serpent’s Gaze)
  • Epic Perception X (Perfect Pitch, Predatory Focus, Refined Palate, Subliminal Warning, Unfailing Recognition); Epic Intelligence X (Fast Learner, Know-It-All, Math Genius, Perfect Memory, Teaching Prodigy); Epic Wits X (Instant Investigator, Meditative Focus, Opening Gambit, Rabbit Reflexes, Social Chameleon)


  • Animal (Animal Communication •, Animal Command ••, Animal Aspect •••), Chaos (Eye of the Storm •, Hornet’s Nest ••, Paralyzing Confusion •••), Darkness (Night Eyes •, Shadow Mask ••, Shadow Refuge •••), Death (Death Senses •, Euthanasia ••, Unquiet Corpse •••), Earth (Safely Interred •, Echo Sounding ••, Shaping •••), Fertility (Green Thumb •, Cleanse ••, Bless or Blight •••), Fire (Fire Immunity •, Bolster Fire ••, Fire’s Eye •••), Guardian (Vigil Brand •, Aegis ••, Ward •••), Health (Assess Health •, Blessing of Health/Curse of Frailty ••, Heal/Infect •••), Justice (Judgment •, Guilt Apparitions ••, Shield of Righteousness •••), Moon (Smoking Mirror •, Tidal Interference ••, Phase Cloak •••), Psychopomp (Unerring Orientation •, Where Are You? ••, Unbarred Entry •••), Sky (Sky’s Grace •, Wind’s Freedom ••, Storm Augmentation •••), Sun (Penetrating Glare •, Divine Radiance ••, Heavenly Flare •••), War (Blessing of Bravery •, Battle Cry ••, Warrior Ideal •••), Water (Water Breathing •, Water Control ••, Changing States •••);
  • Arete (Ability) X; Cheval X (Rada’s Eyes, Petro’s Hands, Horse); Heku X (Ren Harvest, Sekem Blaze, Sekem Barrier); Itztli X (Maguey Sting, Combat Sacrifice, Obsidian Mutilation); Jotunblut X (Bestial Endowment, Human Endowment, Heroic Endowment); Tsukumo-Kami X (The Wakeful Spirit, The Watchful Spirit, The Helpful Spirit);
  • Magic X (Ariadne’s Thread •, The Unlidded Eye •, Bona Fortuna ••, Evil Eye ••, Trading Fates ••, Deux Ex Machina •••, Demand A Labor •••); Mystery X; Prophecy X