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Obrimos Legacies


  • Perfected Adept: (MTA; Life/Prime/Forces)
  • Transhuman Engineer: (L:tS; Forces/-/Prime)


  • Ascended Adept: (ToW; Mind/-/-)
  • Choir of Hashmallim: (Summ; Prime/Forces)
  • Eyes of Ain Soph: (Mys; Prime/-/Spirit)
  • Herald of the Divine Path: (Home; Fate/Space/-)
  • Path of the Book: (GoG; Mind/Fate/Time)
  • Pure Sovereign: (SL; Life/Mind/-)
  • Steward of the Celestial Orrery: (SL; Time/Prime/-)
  • Thrice-Great: (L:tA; Spirit/Prime/-)
  • Whipping Boys: (KttST; Life/Mind/-)


  • Daksha: (L:tS; Life/Space/Time)
  • Gaoler of Ialdabaoth: (GoG; Spirit/-/Death)
  • The Quiescent: (MNoir; Time/-/Death)
  • Tamer of Fire: (L:tA; Forces/-/Mind)
  • Tellurian: (LoP; Space/Prime/-)
  • Nickname: Theurgists
  • Path Name: The Path of the Mighty
  • Heraldic Beast: The Gryphon
  • Tarot Card: Strength
  • Watchtower: The Watchtower of the Golden Key
  • Supernal Realm: The Aether, Kingdom of the Celestial Spheres and Abode of Angels
  • Arcana: Forces, Prime (Weak in Death)
  • Archetypes: Soldier of God, terrorist, martial artist, hyper-disciplined scholar of philology, Awakened cop, defender of the weak, contemporary inquisitor, enforcer, neighborhood hero, uncompromising zealot, monster hunter
  • Awakening: The Awakenings of the Obrimos are glorious experiences akin to viewing the face of God. Themes of strength, morality and the willingness to do what is right at all costs predominate, and most Obrimos Awakenings take place in settings that might be described as heavenly (or at least firmly celestial).
  • Path Tools
    • Wands & Staves: Steel, petrified wood, gold.
    • Weapons: Knife, spear, broadsword (or other straight, double-bladed sword)
    • Cups: Steel, petrified wood, gold.
    • Pentacles & Coins: Steel, petrified wood, gold; must be marked with the Atlantean pentagram.
    • Mirrors: Steel, petrified wood, gold.