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Frosbrand Industries is an absurdly diverse corporate entity, focusing on military engineering and biotechnology in its European holdings, computer engineering and cutting-edge software design in its North American holdings, energy in North Africa and the Middle East and a scattering of all kinds of other holdings the rest of the world over.

Zeus Dynamic

Zeus Dynamic is an international corporation based in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a conglomerate of American, European, and Middle Eastern military interests known principally as a private military contractor, but it has arms in weapons research and development, information technology, and other more esoteric endeavors. Like most military contractors, it recruits its roster from retired and discharged soldiers from a variety of countries alongside those who would never qualify for proper military service. Zeus Dynamic predominantly represents American and Western European interests, but it's not above profiting from playing multiple sides when the opportunity arises.

Zeus Dynamic maintains a number of subsidiary companies outside of the Middle East, principal among them Athena Security in Richmond, Virginia. Officially, Athena Security offers private security details and bodyguards on contract within the United States, with some international travel. Unofficially, Athena Security is also one of the contractors that handles paramilitary operations within United States borders that the U.S. military would rather not be held accountable for. Both Zeus Dynamic and Athena Security have black ops programs unknown to a majority of its constituents.

Government Agencies

Project Asgard

The joint Department of Defense and Homeland Security Super project. They include a number of Alphas and more Photogenic Betas who were either in the Military at the time of the Event, or who later enlisted in the Military. Unlike other US based Super teams, everyone affiliated with Project Asgard are active duty Military. The United States consistently denies rumors that they are engaging in illegal Quantum Enhancement Experiments.

The Department of Variant Human Affairs

Formed in the wake of the attack on New York, the DVHA is in charge of all legal matters involving individuals impacted by the Quantum Effect. This includes locating and monitoring affected individuals, responding in the wake of any further Quantum Incidents, maintaining the Manhattan Containment Zone, and operating the US prison for Supers known as XXX. The common perception of the DVHA is that they only send individuals to the MCZ who are either actively dangerous or who cannot control their powers. In reality, they sweep up everyone who is actively expressing the activated AZN gene and send them to the island. They only make exceptions for individuals who have immediately useful powers and seem pliable, who have corporate sponsorship, other connections or fame. Everyone else is deported to the MCZ where they must prove that they have "Sufficient Control to return to normal society", i.e. make themselves so useful to the DVHA or a Corporation that they can be let out again.

Super Hero Teams

The Guardians

The Guardians are the premier superhero team in the United States. Sponsored by the US government, the Guardians are officially first responders equivalent to local Police or EMT's.

Guardians East Coast

Based out of New York Led by Captain America.

  • Captain America Enhanced Physical Abilities, Alpha
  • Odin ???, Alpha The
  • Louisville Transforms into idealized version of himself, Alpha The
  • Iron Maiden Machine Control, Alpha Antonia Applegate, the CEO of Applegate Industries.
  • Femme Fatale ???, Alpha The
  • Minuetman None, Normal Human The

Guardians West Coast

Based out of Las Angeles. Led by Firebreak.


Vigilance is directly sponsored by the United nations. Their stated purpose is to defend the earth from Extra Solar threats, stop Super Criminals at the invitation of the impacted Nation, and to counteract aggression by State Sponsored supers, at the vote of the UN Security Council.

  • In order to act in a country, Vigilance must explicitly be asked in on an operation by operation basis.
    • Several Countries refuse to allow Vigilance to operate on their soil: The USA, Russia, China.
    • Several countries have given Vigilance standing permission to Operate freely:

Super criminal Organizations

Quantum Underground

The Quantum Underground is a loose confederation of criminal supers, falsely rumored to have been started by Dr. Quantum. Many of the most prominent Mad Scientists and a number of other criminal inclined Alpha's and Beta's are part of the QU. They appear to have no real hierarchy, acting more as a cooperative network for individuals and small criminal cells.

Their members are involved the design and sale of Quantum Enhancement technologies, weaponized super science, and advanced robotics. They are also the foremost providers and purchasers of Alien Technology. Their other criminal activities include Smuggling, Forgery, mundane arms sales, human trafficking and the occasional high value theft.

They have very rules that govern them, but those they take very seriously.

  • 1. Respect the sanctity of the Exchange.
  • 2. Honor the Deal
  • 3. Do not infringe on the affairs of others of the Underground.
  • 4. Do not start a war with the Super Teams. Do not target them or their families.

The Exchange

The Exchange is the beating heart of the Quantum Underground, A massive server system with always revolving access points, rumored to be protected by one of the few true Artificial Intelligence's. It acts as both the Undergrounds Means of internal communication, and as a giant job board listing work ranging from mundane to highly dangerous and illegal. Only members of the QU are allowed access, but individuals known as brokers act as an interface between the Exchange and the rest of the criminal world.

Heisenberg's Bazaar

Largely considered to be a fable, Heisenberg's Bazaar s said to be a combination of meeting place, super tech swap meet, auction house, information repository and alcohol fueled party.