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God of Murder

Varumite PCs
  • Domains: Death, Strife
  • Channel Divinity Feats: Power of Amaunator, Zehir's Dark Blessing, In Death Life, Sheela Peryroy's Gift

Avengers of Varum


Clerics of Varum


Invokers of Varum


Paladins of Varum


Runepriests of Varum


Also called XXX

  • Portfolio: XXX
  • Depiction: XXX
  • Symbols: XXX
  • Origins: XXX

The Towers of Dusk (Talion Hell)

Perhaps the subtlest of the Talion Hells, the Towers of Dusk are a massive city of tight, winding roads clad in perpetual twilight that confuses the speed of the primordial Zikkurnath, who hates winding, tight places where it can not move freely. Those who come here in groups soon find themselves split up, wandering seemingly abandoned lanes and alleys alone, and the chill air causes the life to leave those who come here one exhalation of fogged breath at a time. Varum's murder-devils lurk in unseen niches and in high places, waiting to murder the damned sent here over and over again.

Known Factions