ATO Fraternity House

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ATO Fraternity House
One of the Greek Row Houses, the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity house is the heart of the ATO fraternity in the university, a place where the young men live together and grow closer together.
• Characters with one or more dots of Status (ATO) gain a +1 bonus to Persuasion or Socialize-based Social rolls while at the fraternity house.
Chapter President: Deacon Alders (senior)
Den Mother: Stella Jalo
Staff: Steve Reader (Chef), Jimeno "Jimmy" Levya (Asst. Chef), Lori Miller (Asst. Chef), Julie Anderson (Housekeeping)
Standing Members (Status ••): Bradley Humes (Senior), Brody Higgins (Senior), Caleb Huffman (Senior), Sebastian King (Junior), Tyler Doress (Junior), Carter Smythe (Sophomore), Justin Baratiak (Sophomore), Eric Clasen (Sophomore), Roger Vinings (Freshman), Pieter Kostina (Freshman)
New Members (Status •): Kaleb Jackson (Sophomore), Scott Garcia Torres (Sophomore), Emmet Lahey (Sophomore), Nick Marchant (Freshman), Eddy Tsung (Freshman)
Pledges (Status 0): None

One of the Greek Row Houses established by the University of Astoria to attract fraternities to the campus, the Alpha Tau Omega House has been occupied since the University formally opened its doors. The house has plenty of room, with several of the quarters still uninhabited, although they are rapidly filling up. The house is made up of polished hardwood floors, and functional furnishings that the president and resident advisor hope to eventually find the funds to replace with something a bit classier. It's a place of cheerful craziness most days, with young men in and out at all hours. The house has a reputation as a place where its residents can get away with a lot, although without nearly the chaos of Pi Kappa Alpha's frat house.

From the beginning of the university, the ATO wanted a place on campus. City Councilman Jim Carver was an ATO alum at Oregon State and made it his personal goal to see a chapter house at the new school. In the beginning the boys managed the house themselves, hiring Chef Steve to cook meals and Julie to clean once a week. Six months in, things were going badly. Steve was unreliable and Julie was overworked. However, it took a disaster for things to change.

In late March of 2011, the campus was buzzing with news that a 18 year old kid had died from alcohol poisoning at the ATO fraternity house. Parents and the city were up in arms and it was questionable weather or not the Greek system would survive. Than the tox screen came back and the story changed. The young man had committed suicide, having washed down a box of sleeping pills with Everclear after his girlfriend broke up with him. The conversation changed to one about preventing future tragedies and the school required the houses to come up with an accountability plan. Hiring a den mother was ATO's solution, at Councilman Carver's suggestion, a move that some of the other fraternities have mimicked.


The majority of the floorplan is made up of bedrooms. Most of the rooms are one-bed room, though they usually share a bathroom with another similar room. At the corners of the building are larger rooms, which are used to either house freshmen two-to-a-room, or given to seniors by themselves (when there aren't enough freshmen to fill the rooms).

First Floor

  • Advisor Apartment: Stella's room.
  • Room 1&2: Deacon Alders' room.
  • Room 3: Brody Higgins' room.
  • Room 4: Caleb Huffman's room.
  • Alumni Room: This is the formal meeting room for the fraternity, intended to hold the photos of graduated alumni eventually. Any and all full-chapter meetings are held here, and it is not supposed to be used for anything else. About the only time that changes is during parties.
  • Library: The library is really more of a hang-out space. Though its walls have built-in shelves, they tend to store DVDs and other miscellaneous things rather than books, and the room is set up as a hang-out space, with several sofas and a large screen TV on one wall, with a variety of video game systems.
  • Dining Room & Kitchen: A small kitchen staff prepares breakfasts, lunch and dinners. Breakfasts are usually quick and easy-to-go meals, like platters full of rolled-up breakfast burritos, bagels and fruit and the like. Lunches and dinners are both hot meals, and are served from noon to 2pm, and from 6pm to 9pm.

Second Floor

First Floor
Second Floor

By household traditions, freshmen brothers must room with another freshmen in the large corner rooms.

  • Study: Though Stella works hard to make sure the study is a place where the boys can actually find some peace to study, it all too often ends up turned into another hang-out space, mostly for the freshmen and sophomores. There's no television in here, although some of the boys are said to be looking for a way to remedy that.
  • Room 5&6: Unoccupied, open for Rush.
  • Room 7: Tyler Doress' room.
  • Room 8: Bradley Humes' room.
  • Room 9&10: Unoccupied, open for Rush.
  • Room 11: Justin Baratiak's room.
  • Room 12: Sebastian King's room.
  • Room 13: Eric Clasen.
  • Room 14: Kaleb Jackson's room.
  • Room 15&16: Unoccupied, open for Rush.
  • Room 17: Pieter Kostina's room.
  • Room 18: Reese Tavis' room.
  • Room 19&20: Nick Marchant & Eddy Tsung's room.
  • Room 21: Carter Smythe's room.
  • Room 22: Emmett Lahey's.
  • Room 23: Scott Garcia Torres' room.
  • Room 24: Roger Vining's room.


  • Activity Room: Though intended as the hang-out space for the frat house, the activity room does not have a large television, due to the number of windows in the space. It is filled with furniture, arranged in clusters to let the residents hang out. This hang out space covers about half the room - the other half has a couple of tables where games are played (usually games of poker), and ping-pong and foosball tables. This ends up serving as the main area where hanging out happens during parties, with those groups often spilling out onto the patio.
  • Patio: A large stone patio, decorated with arches along the back of the house, and a several-grill outdoor cooking area along the western wall. There is an eclectic mix of chairs that are often drug out of the Storage area on party nights, or just on nights where some of the boys feel like sitting around outside (usually with beers in hand).

Bad Moon Over Astoria

  • Season One: The ATO House saw a great deal of werewolf-related activity, including an attack by the Astoria Pack on Reese, as well as numerous instances of both Henry and Stella struggling to control their Feral Wolves. With Henry's death, it cemented a reputation as a place where not only weird things happen, but some of its pledges seem to get injured or even die far too frequently to be normal.